Sunday Haul

How have you all been beautiful people?  I hope you all had/have the most wonderful weekend! All of you people in the east coast of America, who are going to meet Hurricane Sandy - may it be a very short and harmless meeting! Stay safe you all!
For me, Sunday is the first day of my working week. Not much of a fun day. So I decided to cheer myself up a little. I will start a haul series. Every Sunday I will show you my week's haul. Seeing some bottle porn can definitely cheer up a lady!
Due to quite a few requests, I am trying to be phone-browser's friendly, and so I'll have the massive picture amount after the break. So let's begin with my last week's hauls, swaps and other nail mail.

First are some European polish and a few lemmings breaking. I always name the polishes from left to right, unless it says differently. So here you see Illamasqua Glitterati and Veridian (they are sold as Duo now) and Wayward.
 Next are some Koh: Dutch, Funky and Leaf. Luckily, these bottles are exactly the height of my Helmer's drawer.
BarryM's: the new Gellies - Blueberry and Prickly Pear, then the new Glitters - Pink Sapphire and Diamond.
 Butter London Brummie, Zoya Crystal, 17 Silver Holo and BarryM Orange Web Effect.
Next is a sweet mystery bag I got from Jennifer of Jen's Nail Files. Oh how I love surprises and just look at all these extras...
 Mark Trendy Meltdown Fusion, F4 Polish Strawberry Shortcake, Mark Trendy Sure Fire Infallible, Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat Glitter.
 Spoiled Distant Memory, Tip Top In The Navy, China Glaze Liquid Crystal and Darling Diva Polish Antares.
Cutie Girl Polish, but I don't know the color's name, Borghese La Strada Rose, Julep Jodie and Pumpkin Polish but again - I don't know the name.
Pumpkin Orange Glow In The Dark, Seche Vite Base Coat (I love their Top Coat. Never had a chance to try the base before!) and Claire's Swirly Melon.
Oh and these cutest pink hearts and silver holo hex glitter!
Are you still there? I have some more for you! Did you hear of Coterie? It's a member only site that shows new trends and beauty products and sell them in exclusive prices. So the day they opened, they had a real amazing sale. I could pick 3 butter London polishes from their list, plus a matte top coat and get all this for $11 which is lower then the price of one Butter London! Of course I signed in! 
First are Trustafarian, Dosh and Wallis
Knackered (which I had and then I swapped it for Illamasqua Scarab and now I had the chance so I got it again!), No More Waity Katie and Bluey.
China Glaze Love Letters, Butter London Matte Finish Top Coat and Sally Hansen Crushed. The two Oranges I got from Sheila of the Pointless Cafe, because she knows I love orange. Thank you Sheila!
There, we're done for today. The next haul post will be next Sunday! I hope it cheered you up as much as it cheered me!


natalsie said...

I saw the first picture and actually said WOW out loud lol))) Congrats on a superb haul and some great additions to your collection!

LeonaCarolina said...

Super awesome haul! What a great range of polishes. My favourites from your hoard (hehehe) are the Barry M Gellies and the yellow Illamasqua. Can't wait to see what you show off first!

jannatul12 said...

love all the colors

Unknown said...

No way this haul is amazing! Can't wait to see what you do with it all!

Jazz x

Anonymous said...

It surely did! But also a bit envious :-D
I love how you write. Always makes me laugh - bottle porn, ha!

Ithfifi said...

Wow what an amazing haul! Is that Barry M's diamond glitter? Its such a great polish!
Your London Butter's look beautiful, I have to try London Butter one day!

Amy (Polish and Such) said...

Wow! Amazing haulage!

M. Fourey said...

Eh... are you telling me this is your WEEK's haul? If so, yeah, do some haul posts weekly otherwise it will be pic super heavy! My god... hahaha! I can just laugh about it! It's ridiculous!

I want to see all of them swatched though, so start working! :p

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Wow, you go girl! That is one amazing haul! And that's just for the week?! *faints* :D

~ Yun

beachgal said...

Quite the haul! I also am thinking of all the folks caught in the path of Sandy - Hearing today from friends in NYC and 2 in NJ - they still have power but are hunkered down.

Helen [beauty delights] said...

great haul!! i dont even know which one to comment on specifically because im drooling over too many!

fingers said...

I am dying to get my hands on the new KOH sound collection-how did you get these??????

Unknown said...

Tried their website? ;-)

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