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I have a question for you: in my giveaway (make sure you entered!) I asked you how you would improve my blog. There are lots of really nice ideas and I thank you big time! With time I hope I will use the most of them if not all. But there is one thing that keeps returning, and I would like to ask for some clarification on it: many of you want to see hauls. While I certainly don't mind showing off some bottle porn, I was wondering what exactly you would like to see. Because when I get some nail mail, I usually don't have time to swatch them all right away. So if there are no swatches, what is it that you find interesting? Bottle shots? wheel swatches? something else I haven't thought of? I really would love to know what you want to see.
In the meantime, I'll show you just a swatch today, of one of the beauties I brought from my recent vacation in Russia: Eveline Holographic Shine number 420.
Eveline Holographic Shine number 420

Eveline is a Polish cosmetics company. I could use it for my Poland entry in Where in the World challenge, but I won't. I knew nothing of this brand before I saw it in one of the stores in Russia, but it was very cheap - and holo. So I thought I better get me some. Unfortunately, the store didn't have the entire collection. But I managed to snag me quite a few. They don't really go wild with the colors. The vary in the scale of pink, taupe and red. But I have to tell you this: they are gorgeous.
The holo is not very strong but it is definitely noticable. Application is creamy and easy. The brush is soft and easily cover the nail in 2-3 strokes. All the polishes that I tried from this series  are opaque in two coats. They don't dry very quickly but they have a very silicon-y feel when they are dry. Like they are more flexible then normal polish and so they don't chip. Well, I am really not the one to say how they wear because I hardly ever keep the same polish on longer then one day but this polish really feels good on the nail. I do plan to find some more soon!
As for this specific color - it is not a color I would wear normally but it is so beautiful. And the funny thing is - it is extremely close to my skin color, but I think it actually look pretty good on me. Isn't it?
Eveline Holographic Shine number 420

Eveline Holographic Shine number 420

Eveline Holographic Shine number 420

Eveline Holographic Shine number 420

Eveline Holographic Shine number 420

Eveline Holographic Shine number 420
Would you wear this color? Do you know where to get Eveline? Share your thoughts 


Chameleon Stampede said...


Amy (Polish and Such) said...


Helen [beauty delights] said...

this is such a gorgeous holo!!!!! i really love the soft pink

GlitterInfatuation Jazz said...

That is a gorgeous colour! I love it!

Jazz x

CRaPTRaSH said...

ooh, i love it!

Anna (LUSH nails) said...

Lovely pics (as always) of a gorgeous polish! <3 re; the 'haul' posts, I love to see other ppls nail mail once it's opened (before it's swatched) and I really dislike wheel pics! I just want to nose at what you bought, where, why, what combinations did you go for, was it on offer, what do you plan to do with it? Etc etc. Looking at other ppls polish is almost as good as getting my own nail mail x

Criminal Nails said...

Yes it does suit you! It's nice to find a holo as a palette cleanser! I think it's relaxing :)

Gosia said...

that's a Polish brand??? why can't they name their polish in Polish then???!!! =)) awesome awesome man!!! I love all colors of holo, so I love this one too!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

So gorgeous, Jin! Love the pink tint of the taupe base color! :-)

~ Yun

April Gevedon said...

Exactly! LoL ;) I was gonna tell her, but u saved me some typing...thnx!

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