Hello beautiful people!!
Today I would like to show you a gorgeous polish I received in a swap I did with sweet Jo from Wales. If you don't know her, you should check her blog. It's not very much nail related but it is fun! This is Scarab and it's by one of my most favorite brands - illamasqua.
Artificial lighting
To be honest, I find the name a bit strange. The original Scarab - the Egyptian Pharaoh beetle - is known to be green or blue. It has the same blackening metallic effect that this polish has, but until I googled it, I had no idea  there was a red scarab. Turned out there is. Every day you learn something new!

Anyway, Scarab is a gorgeous deep red, that under different lighting changes it's look from black to dark red to dark orange and it has these beautiful orange shimmers inside of it. If you are very careful, you can settle for one coat. But I think two coats does the best for this beauty. Illamasqua has a very nice brush. A little too thin for my liking, but it spreads nicely on the nail and you usually don't need any more then two, maybe three strokes. It dries quickly to a gorgeous shiny creme and it is the most vampy polish I have at the moment, and I simply adore it!

So why am I talking so much? Let me just show you. All pictures show two coats of Scarab and one coat of Chic - a local brand quick dry & top coat.
With flash
Natural light
Direct sun
Direct sun
Natural light
So what do you think? Yeah I know it might be a little too dark for summer, but I just love it!


Gosia said...

Everytime I think and look at this polish those damn bugs come to mind.. brrr... But the color is gorgeous!!!

M. Fourey said...

You're right on everything ;) I didn't know that there was a red scarab, either! But that does not take the fact that this polish is fab :) I love dark vampy reds, I feel so sexy wearing it... It's the equivalent in nail polish to some sexy underwear, you know? (smile)

Paulina said...

What a beautiful color. It doesn't matter if it's not a summer color. Who cares! What matter's is that it's a gorgeous color and it look good on you.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oooh that's gorgeous! So dark and luscious! :D

~ Yun

Brandi Beaulieu @ The Beaulieu Review said...

That's gorgeous! So much depth!

Karla said...


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