Where in the Word - Poland

Today in our challenge Where in the World I would like to take you to eastern Europe with me, as we visit Poland. This was a very hard entry for me to do. For weeks I googled Poland, trying to find the right inspiration for my mani, with not much luck. I know absolutely nothing of the country and it was important for me to find something interesting, and not just end up with the national flag. Eventually, my brother came up with the perfect idea. I had no idea it was started in Poland but I am happy to know that now!

In 1887, a Polish Doctor named L.L. Zamenhof, decided to create a new language. An easy to learn language that will not be bounded by national borders or political belonging. This language, Zamenhof hoped, will bring peace and international understanding to the world. This language is called Esperanto, meaning hope. The most well known symbol of the Esperanto is this flag. The green symbolize hope and mutual understanding. The white represents neutrality and peace. The 5 points of the star represent the five continents: Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania. Here are some links where you can read a lot more about the Esperanto and Dr. Zamenhof.

For my mani I started with Gosh - Apple Green base. A medium green creme. Formula was very runny. You can see how it left dropping on my cuticles. It dries relatively slow and needs 3 coats for full opacity. I suppose if I let it dry a little and make the formula a bit thicker, 2 coats will be enough. At least, the polish is very self leveling and dries with a nice glossy shine.
The white squares were made with Milani - White on the Spot, my go to opaque white polish.
I then wanted to stamp the star but I realize I have no single star on my stamping plates. And I thought I had quite a varied collection of plates... Did no one ever think a simple star would be needed?
Anyway, I ended drawing the star with my permanent green pen, the one I use to write on CDs. But as you can see, it did not paint well over the polish. Oh well....

I learnt a lot from this mani and I truly hope you did too.
I would like to dedicate this mani, as a symbol for mutual understanding, to Gosia, my best (and only) Polish friend ever! 


Unknown said...

Me and my fiance have friends in czech republic, and when we went over we all said we would learn Esperanto! so we wouldn't get confused with what each other was saying haha.

Jazz x

Mihaela said...

This is a great idea! I didn't know Esperanto originated in Poland. I was actually very intrigued when I saw your post in the reader because I had no idea what the inspiration was. You were right, I did learn something new today. That's the amazing thing about this challenge and that's why I try to do something different for each one (not just the flag as you said).

Andrea said...

What a great story about Espiranto and a pretty mani to match! I love the green and I think your stars are great! It's hard to make pretty stars. I have a single star on one of my MASH plates.

Gosia said...

Aawwhhh you're so awesome!!!! Thank ou for dedicating this to me :)))). It's perfect!!!
I never knew Esperanto originated from Poland!!! What a dumbass, being Polish and all :)))

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Lovely story about Esperanto. I think your mani turned out well, although it's funny you ended up using a marker to draw the stars. :-)

~ Yun

Unknown said...

Love the story! Great mani!

M. Fourey said...

The Esperanto idea is super original! You should have written something in that language :p Too bad the marker didn't work as good as planned! Overall they are very funny ^^

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