Halloween Nails - Black Cat

How is your preparation for the Halloween coming along? Everyone seem so busy. I really like this holiday. Too bad we don't celebrate it here. But I definitely plan on celebrating it on line with you my dearest readers!  And today I would like to go show you yet another gorgeous polish from the Halloween collection by The Nail Junkie. This beauty is Black Cat.
The Nail Junkie - Black Cat
 The Nail Junkie - Black Cat, indoor with artificial lighting.
Black Cat is a black jelly stuffed with several different sizes of black glitter and a bit of holo. As The Nail Junkie describes it - a hint of holo. But as you can see, that hint is definitely not shy. I really love this polish. It is so pretty and special! 
Unlike other polishes by The Nail Junkie, this polish needs a bit extra care in application. Because it's a jelly, the color builds with every layer. And if you run your brush over the same spot twice - you get a visible darker area then the rest of your nail.   
At first I tried to layer one coat over a contrasted color. I saw this polish layered over a matte Lavender polish and it looked so pretty! I used an Orange creme by Chic (a local brand). But I can't say I like it. Somehow it just looks... wrong.
The Nail junkie - Black Cat over Chic number 49

The Nail junkie - Black Cat over Chic number 49
So I decided to wear this polish by itself. In three coats it is completely opaque so I decided to apply only two coats. You can't really see any VNL but the slight sheerness shows better how beautiful and how special this polish is. It is very hard to capture the lace-like feel that this polish has in only two coats. Trust me - it's gorgeous! I used one coat of Seche Vite Top Coat.
The Nail Junkie - Black Cat

The Nail Junkie - Black Cat

The Nail Junkie - Black Cat

The Nail Junkie - Black Cat

The Nail Junkie - Black Cat

The Nail Junkie - Black Cat
Just look at all those holo spots that show in all the colors of the rainbow! So beautiful!
And of course, since it's a Halloween polish, I had to stamp some Halloween on it. I used China Glaze Passion to stamp with, Bundle Monster plate #13 for the web and Ixorapink plate #29 for the spider.
The Nail Junkie - Black Cat

The Nail Junkie - Black Cat

The Nail Junkie - Black Cat

The Nail Junkie's polishes are retailed for $10 each, with free shipping in the US and a flat rate shipping of $5 internationally. You can find them in her shop. Make sure you also follow her blog and Facebook page.


Unknown said...

Ooooh! I love this on you! So sparkly! And I was going to do spider webs too! So we'll be twins!

Indian Lacquerade said...

The polish is beautiful. Though honestly the glory of the black glitter got totally lost in the dark base :(

Gosia said...

I gotta say, I definitely like it all by itself. So so beautiful with all the holo glitter!! and your spider.. bleeeh... hate spiders... I only like them on nails!!!!! +))))

ahhhdri said...

Such a beautiful color! I kinda like how murky it looks over orange.

tat2gurlzrock said...

I love this so xo

M. Fourey said...

That one is vampy and sexy, those holo particles make it classy I think. But layered over orange it is SO wrong! Haha sorry but it looks like pumpkin puke!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

I love it by itself! The glitter particles in there are so pretty. And I love the stamping you used with the spider and the web. Creepy! :-)

~ Yun

Steamy Nails said...

Omggg I love this polish by itself <3 So gorgeous!

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