Girly Bits - Cu Blue

I hope all of you who live in the eastern coast of America, are being safe! Take care of yourself there while Sandy is around!
All this weather craziness made me look for a comfortable polish with lot's of hope in it and so I decided to wear Girly Bits - Cu Blue.
Girly Bits - Cu Blue

Cu Blue is a beautiful dark blue jelly with copper shimmer. This combination is one of a magical feel. The copper shimmer is very visible and it adds those bits of hope I was talking about. It's there to stay like little lights at the end of the tunnel. As you can see, the jelly is not completely opaque but I didn't think it needed any more then the two coats I am wearing. The formula is smooth and squishy, drying time is very quick and then the usual top coat and you're done. 
Girly Bits Cu Blue

Girly Bits Cu Blue

Girly Bits Cu Blue

Girly Bits Cu Blue

Girly Bits Cu Blue

Girly Bits Cu Blue

Girly Bits Cu Blue
You can find Cu Blue in Girly Bits website. You can also find Girly Bits polishes at Harlow & CoOverall BeautyMei Mei's Signatures and Llarowe's,  and they all offer international shipping! YAY!
If you want to stay updated with new polishes or any other information on Girly Bits, make sure you like Girly Bits facebook page.


natalsie said...

Looks like a much darker deeper version of Barielle's Falling Star))) You have an amazing collection of indie brands - I'm so very jealous))

Patricia Knetzer said...

Gorgeous blue!! I love the copper shimmer in it <3

Chameleon Stampede said...

Yummmm! You always win with girls bits! Jelly and blue are added bonuses ;)

Gosia said...

maaaan... this is so awesome!!!! I passed on this since I have RBL Cuprum but I know they're not the same... maybe I need to pick this one up too!!!

Karen said...

THis is one of my number one lemmings! I love it so <3 It looks good on you! uuumm JELLIES!!

Criminal Nails said...

It has huge potential but you know I can't pass through a VNL! Sorry...

beachgal said...

I am seeing something black in this one but maybe that's just the copper not shining back metallic at the camera? Cute name since Cu is the chemical abbreviation for copper (just for those of you who forgot your high school chemistry). Thanks for the well wishes for us stuck in the serious fall out of this horrible storm. It's quite unbelievable how serious it is yet it could have resulted with more loss of lives if they had not closed down the roads, subways, tunnels and so on so very early on to be sure they got all those closed in time.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Gorgeous rich blue color! I like the jelly finish too! :-)

~ Yun

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