A green thumb

A couple of days ago I received from awesome Gosia of Life in Color  a couple of blog awards. I was very proud and flattered and I wanted to post about them right away! But as they demand me to come up with some random facts about me, they require quite some preparation work, so I decided to postpone those for the weekend.

However, one important random fact that I actually already shared with you is the fact that I don't like green. I mean, I love it in the nature, I love trees and grass, I love green vegetables and fruit. All these are cool. But I hate green in my cloths or shoes or make up or nail polish!

Or at least - so I thought.

So today I will share not just one and not two, but THREE different greens that I realized I really like.

indoor light with flash

Direct sun
The first green is called Peacock, by the Israeli company Chic. This color is also from the Metalix collection.
It's not completely green but it's not completely blue. It is a dark tourqoise with a great chrome finish. I really like it. It looks very toxic. It is very pigmented and has a lovely formula. It dries real fast and almost completely opaque from first coat. I love the dark color and the chrome texture.
Here it is two coats of color and one layer of top coat.

The second green is from the same collection, but it is a lot more olive in it's color. Surprisingly, it is also called Olive.
Indoor and flash

Outdoors, indirect sun
I really really liked this color, even better then the first one, but I was a bit disappointed with the formula. It was the thinnest of the entire Metalix collection, and at first coat it was completely sheer and un-even. You could see every line of the brush. The second coat did even it up, and in the pictures you see three coats and top coat. Drying time was still very fast, it has the same yummy chrome finish and I really love this color. I think this is the perfect color for red-heads! but I think the thin formula will always remain my most remembered quality of it...

So after a whole day with this baby on, I decided to help it grow a little and I layered it with two coats of...
Indoor with flash

Outdoor, lots of sun
Cult nails Toxic Seaweed!!!
Now this is what I call love at first site! This is a gorgeous green with lots of tasty glitter in it. Many different colors of glitter, mostly small ones but there are a few large pieces inside. Every layer is a new surprise. This is definitely my most favorite GREEN polish!
Just look how lovely it finishes:

So I learned one important thing from this green experience: Never say you don't like something, unless you have tried ALL options. You might surprise yourself!

So what is your favorite green?


fairy_ana said...

All of them look wonderful but the last one is my favorite!!

Paulina said...

All of them are pretty, but my favorite is the last one. I think its all the glitter.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Funny that you don't like green, but it looks great on you! ;-) My favorite of the bunch is Toxic Seaweed! So gorgeous! <3

~ Yun

Gosia said...

Green looks fabulous on you!!! And I agree with Ana and Paulina, Toxic Seaweed looks divine!!! I never get tired of looking at it!!

Sandra said...

I just love the last one!

Beautiful Nails said...

Beautiful!!! <3

Beautiful Nails said...


Criminal Nails said...

Ohhhhh you have Toxic Seaweed... *enlightened eyes* It is so amazing! You better enjoy that, Lady :) I went to their webpage and they had ran out of stock, and as it's a limited edition... I can only look at it in other blogs, like yours :p

Lizzy O. said...

Yay For TS!! It's so pretty!!! I love it! And that first one is just gorgeous.

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