My first (ever) contest entry!

Since I am so new to this blogging thing, I am asking around for tips and tricks.
So sweet Amanda from  BerryPolished  suggested that I try participating in some nail art contest.
So I looked around and I tried to find a contest where I won't feel too embarrassed to post my nails in.
And guess what? I found one! 

Jennifer from Jen's Nail Files is having a cool contest!
You can post any design you want, as long as it's within the two basic rules:

1. ONLY polish. That is no stamping, no fimo, no rhinestones, no flocking, no acrylic paint, no stickers and so on.
2. The picture has to be of your OFF hand. That is - if you're right handed - show your right hand. If you're left handed - show your left hand. 

Check out her post! The contest ends on April 15, so you still have time to enter!
Enter Here !!

Sooooooooooo... Here is my entry :-)
It was made with my dotting tool and some of my dots got smeared a little, but I like it still.
Kinda - my version of an Easter egg design :-)

These are the polishes used in this one - from left to right:

Orly - Purple Pleather 
Essie - Lilacism (I mixed the two purples together to get the medium shade of purple) 
China Glaze - Heli Yum
Perfect Chic (local brand) - Fashion Yachts (#39)
Sally Hensen Extreme Wear - Mellow Yellow

and now all I have to do is try not to chop all my nails while waiting for the contest's results!


Christina. said...

I have nominated you for Versatile Blogger award on my nail polish blog (:

PS. I love your nails!

JinJit said...

Oh cool!! Thank you :-))

Bethany Taylor said...

Very cute!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Lovely design! I love the color combinations! :D

~ Yun

Nails by Diana said...

they look great!

KarenD said...

Fun design!

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