Before the holidays haul

So the holiday (the passover) is this weekend and everyone is on a shopping spree. Naturally, this means store have all sort of deals. And this includes beauty shops...
So I did a little booboo today and got all this:
Chic (a local brand) -  left to right: Pinkish, Red, Hot Fuchsia, Peacock and Smashing Blue. They are all from the Metalix collection which I mentioned them here and promised I would check some more of them.
Hopefully (if family let me take some rest from eating) I will swatch them during the weekend.

Revlon - Black Lingerie, Midnight Affair and Beach

Sally Hensen - Frutti Petutie, Orly - Androgynie and Purple Pleather

Sally Hensen - White On, Mellow Yellow and Blue Me Away!

Andrea (another local brand) - Neon Red, Chic - 39 and Fashion Yachts

Essie - Waltz and Mint Candy Apple

Most of them are long wanted of mine, that I didn't think worth the full price, so I waited for these holiday deals. And I think it was worth it: the entire thing cost me about 50$.

Hey, if holidays here didn't mean having to eat so much, I might have been able to say I like 'em ;-))


ahhhdri said...

Awesome haul, Androgynie looks very pretty!

JinJit said...

Thank you :-))

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