Daisies and Autism Awareness

I really like flower mani's but I have never made one myself. I usually had those made by my amazing manicurist - Irina.
Tonight I decided I needed to give it a try!
So i looked for some opaque light blue and I found my Chic - Fashion Yachts which is a one coater, but I thought it was slightly darker then I wanted. So I layered it with BootyBabe - Blue Baboo.
I must say that the BootyBabe polishes are super cute, but very uncomfortable to use!
The brush is so tiny! Very short as well as very thin, and it is real hard to get a nice cover with it.

As a second layer on opaque polish it was ok though, and I really liked the color. That's exactly the color of a summer sky!

And while I'm at it - 
Jess of Luv My Lacquer is having an Autism Awareness Contest. Go show your blue mani's and help raise the awareness! 
From left to right: Chic - Fashion Yachts, Chic - Quick dry &Top Coat,
Bootybabe - Blue Baboo,  Essie - Blanc,  China Glaze - Sunshine Pop

I then used Essie's Blanc to make the petals and China Glaze - Sunshine Pop to dot the middle of my flowers.

The strange thing was, that on my right hand the flowers turned out nicer - I think.
They are larger and with more... presence, IMO.

I hope you enjoyed my summer daisies :-)
Don't forget to enter the Autism Awareness Contest!


Gnarly Gnails said...

So cute!!!

Daisy said...

oh my goodness! i love this! 1. there are daisies involved ;), 2. the colors are so clean, 3. artwork is beautiful.

JinJit said...

Oh wow, thanks so much for your great compliments!!!!!

JinJit said...

Thank you!! :-D

ahhhdri said...

This looks great! I love how the daisies look against the blue.

Stylish By Nature said...

Love it !!

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JinJit said...

Thanks :-D
I just like it more and more now....

JinJit said...

will look into your giveaway ;-))

Bethany Taylor said...

Beautiful flowers! I love this design and I love the cause!

JinJit said...

Thank you!!! :-D

hollysagemini said...

These are super cute!

Jackie said...

so cute!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Lovely mani! The daisies are so pretty! :-)

~ Yun

JinJit said...


JinJit said...


JinJit said...

thanks :-D

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