I am sure most of you if not all, will agree with me that one of the most annoying things that can happen is to buy a new and exciting polish and come home with it, to find it's a dup of something we already have...
And you all know how it is to want to order a certain polish, but have to go through your entire stash to make sure it's not there yet...

For a long time i've been trying to find a way to deal with those annoying problems.
And eventually - I did find a way. It's a cute iPhone app called MyStuff2.
As the app is described - "It's now easier than ever to keep track of all your stuff". This is exactly true.
It lets you create as many categories as you want, with as many attributes as you want and as many different lists from each category as you want! 
you can add unlimited amounts of photos and organize your listing in any way you like. it lets you keep track of items you gave to friends and many many more cool features!

Oh and most important - it lets you import and export all the data using iTunes, iCloud, Dropbox or Google docs, in CSV or PDF reports. So you can edit your list on your computer and transfer it to and from your iPhone or iPad.
It even creates this really cool looking HTML report that you can add as a page to your blog.

I admit - the annoying part is to have to enter all your polishes one by one.
But you anyway do it, don't you?  I am sure most of you keep your own excel chart or other database of your polishes. So why not keep it with pictures of the bottle and a swatch or two, and having it with you all the time? 

I created one category with the following attributes: 
Brand - I created a look-up list for that, to make sure I don't mis-type it at times.
Number (just in case...) 
Size of Bottle
Color - again - a look up list but one that has a multi-select option.
Finish  - yup, a look-up list.
Opacity in coats  - YAY! This is my favorite! I created a lookup list of icons. Can you see it in the above pic on the right??
Price - I use this field mostly on my wishlist. Since I buy mostly at e-Bay, this helps me keep away from over-pricing sellers.
link - again - helps me a lot to keep track of all those nice little e-bay sales ;-)
Images is anyway a default for any sort of item you want to keep, so you don't have to add it specifically.

And I created two lists from the same category: one list is my stash and the other is my wish list.  And the next time I'll be in my favorite beauty shop looking at the new arrivals, I will have my own listings with me, with as simple access as possible to any item I am looking for! 
How cool is that???

Oh, an important thing I forgot to mention was the price: it costs 4.99$ BUT - there is a lite version that is free, and it lets you add a very limited amount of items (10 I think?). So it's not really enough for anyone's decent stash but it does let you play with the app and see what you need and how you want to create your groups.
And of course, once you chose to go for the full version, it automaticly lets you import all your lists from the lite version!

now please excuse me... I gotta go fill my lists up...

*Disclaimer: I paid for this app with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with the creator of this app. The entire review came from my own experience, after a long time of testing all sort of similar applications.


The Collegiate Nail said...

no freakin way. this is so awesome! I know what I'll be doing this whole weekend lol

JinJit said...

haha tell me about it... :-D
Yeah, I agree it's real awesome. I've tested so many other apps until I found this one.... ufff!! LOL

Kimeejo said...

This is so awesome! I LOVE IT! Please tell me how you got the little nail polish icon on there, and applied it to your opacity! so cute...would love a tutorial on how to set this us for our polish collections!

JinJit said...

Thanks :-)
The nail polish icon is taken from the emoji keyboard. If you have that installed in your iphone, then this app supports it!

A tutorial... hmm.... I haven't thought of it. Yeah, you're right!
I will try to make one over the coming weekend! Thanks again!!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

hehe... that is such a cute idea! ;)

~ Yun

JinJit said...

Thanks :-D

Andrea said...

Sigh. . .I have a "dumb phone". It's time to go phone shopping and I have been putting it off, too. But this cute little amazing app just might send me off to the Verizon store!! Holy Moly, that's amazing! Are you opening shop for technical support? Lol! Thanks for sharing!

JinJit said...

Yes I think you need a smart phone :-D
Everyone should have something smart that they can still yell at! ;-)

And I am no expert but if you need any help I will do my best!!

arfblat said...

Woooow this is amazing!!! Now I need an iphone!

JinJit said...

LOL don't look at me... I already spent all my money on nail polish ;-)

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