Cracking up

So I had to try those cracked polishes. In the pictures they all look so good!
Besides, for the spring holidays the local drugstore had the Pupa Nail Art Kit 70% discounted.
Those numbers just yell my name as I set foot in the store. So I got this pair: 
The white was yummy. Almost no smear lines in a first coat!
The instructions say to give it 4 minutes to dry before applying the pink. I hate waiting so I only gave it 3 minutes and figured that should do it. The pink coat also applied real nicely and easily. Everything should have been perfect except...
...the cracks were just too big.
I wanted those really nice cute delicate cracks I see all over the web, but what I got was real big tears in the pink and way too much white seen through.
Also, I tried different ways to apply the pink, hoping it will change the direction of the tears or their look on each finger. But nothing worked as you can see. All fingers look more or less the same. Well, my pinky looks weird, but that's cause I managed to ruin it and I used a second layer of pink to "fix" my careless doings.

So since I wasn't crazy about it anyway, I decided to make another experiment and I french-tipped my nails with China Glaze Heli-Yum. And you know what? Even though the tip is not the same sort of pink , I like it much better now! In the pics it looks almost red. Well, it's not. It's some sort of purplish fuchsia. Much lighter then the cracking pink, but closer somehow to it's base color. 

 I think I need to try the cracked polish from a few other companies before I make my mind up about it!  What do you think?


Bethany Taylor said...

I like the big cracks because I've never seen that in the polishes we have over here!

JinJit said...

I dunno, I am still undecided about it. I think I prefer the small cracks but I'll still have to get one to test it :-)

Jacqui said...

Oh wow, I love the purple on white effect!! When crackle came out last year it was all the rage and then I got sick of it pretty quickly. But now I'm loving it again and find myself buying more and more crackle!

JinJit said...

LOL Well, when they came out last year I totally ignored them. And now I figured I should give them a fair chance

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