It's a SIN!

I had the loveliest day today!
It started with some amazingly wonderful news at work: I am soon to become a bank employee!! (I've been working as an out-source for almost 11 years now. About time the bank will realize they want me :-)

Then I had a tech man who fixed my vacuum cleaner. That cleaner died just before the holidays and I was so stressed about it... Mr. Tech guy brought it back to life!

And then I got the mail! 
And in my mail was this small package of pure SIN! Cinderella by Sinful Colors.
It was sent to me by the coolest lady - Jessica from Nail Polish Anonymous.
THANK YOU Jessica!!!  

Of course I just had to try it right away! I am sorry for the horrible application... I was in such a hurry to see how it looked that I let the brush go wild... LOL
 I layered two coats of Cinderella over one coat of Mint Candy Apple by Essie, and I am totally in love!
This is such an amazing color! I haven't encountered this shade before!!  It's a gorgeous light blue with delicate shimmer. Very summery and fun IMO.

So guess which color I will be wearing on Friday's Passover Dinner???
But I promise to re-apply it :-)


Bethany Taylor said...

Sounds like a great day!

Paulina said...

It is a lovely color!

SeeSarahSwatch said...

this color makes my heart happy hahaha. i love it!!

JinJit said...

"LIKE" :-)
I totally agree!

JinJit said...

Oh yes it is! :-)

JinJit said...

Just one of the BEST!! May more like this will come upon us all!! :-)

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