My favorite color?

Ever so often I am asked which is my favorite polish color.
It's very hard for me to name just one specific polish. You see, I am a red-head, I'm a Gemini and - naturally - I'm a woman. This basically means my mind changes about 3 times an hour, when I sleep.
If i'm awake I am not sure I can count it by an integer...

At first I thought I would name the colors that I don't like, but I'm afraid even that has recently changed...
The only color I really didn't like through most of my adult life is Green.
Well, I love it in nature! But not in cloths, makeup or nail polish.
But after seeing quite some AMAZING polishes this last St. Patrick's day, I am more then willing to give some greens a chance! I mean - check these out. Aren't they just amazing???
Nails Never Fails FASHION Polish ft. Oooh, Shinies! The Trace Face Philes
...But people still ask which is my favorite.
And so I started to answer with "right now - my favorite is....."

So - right now, my favorite is this new collection of Chrome-Metals, by a local brand called Chic.
Unfortunately their website don't not include polish pictures so the link will take you to their FaceBook page. It's written mostly in Hebrew, but I am sure you can find the pictures ;-)
Metalix by Chic
At the moment I only have their number 902 - which is a nice yummy silver with some pinkish  undertone, and 904 - which is very Goldy. but I plan to get more!

What I really like about them is the formula. They have a very nice cover at first coat, and it's totally perfect (IMO) in two coats. It's very easy to apply and it has the loveliest chrome texture!
It was very hard to get proper pics of those, and I don't think my pics are doing much justice to the rich colors, but still it might give you some idea about the color and the texture...
All pics are two coats of the color, over a base coat of Revlon's Powder Puff and no top coat.

No. 902 - Mist by Chic

Outdoor, Natural light
In the shade
Outdoor,  Natural light
A tiny bit of sun 
Indoor with Flash

No. 904 - Citrine Gold by Chic
Outdoor, Natural light
In the shade
Outdoor,  Natural light
A tiny bit of sun 
Indoor with Flash

I wonder if they have any dups around. Most of the polish brands don't really get here, unless you have an active account on eBay LOL, so I am quiet ignorant of the matter.

I do hope this will soon change with this new advanture of blogging ;-)


Unknown said...

i love mist i can see using it as a stamper polish

Unknown said...

The thought crossed my mind too ;-))
I will check if it's working and post my results later this week!

Unknown said...

Wow, Mist is so pretty!

Stefania B. said...

the mist one is great!

Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

Those Chic metallic polishes are amazing! Glad to see you are going to be trying out some more green polishes, as green is my ultimate favorite polish color and there are so many awesome green polishes out there!

Emm said...

I like them both:)

Unknown said...

as I look in more blogs I only see more green that I like.
It is a problem though: I don't have any outfit to match LOL

arfblat said...

Beautiful chromes! I really like Citrine Gold, I've been looking for something like that!

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