So my sweet sweet cousin came home with her bag of all her nail polishes. So I decided I should check her up close. 
All her polishes are of reds, pinks and browns, but even in such dull environment I managed to find some hits.
So I decided to go for a skittle. Here's what I chose:
From left to right: Orly-Seashell, Essie - Tart Deco, Orly - Prince Charming, Revlon - Hot For Chocolate and Jade - Crown Red with Careline - #355.

From the polishes I really did not like Prince Charming much. It was not a hit in color, nor in formula. The others were really nice I think.
What bothered me was the shimmer of my thumb (Careline #355) so I decided to mattified them all and see what will happen.

Well, it was ok I guess. just... boring. I wish my cousin had more party colors. I really need to take her shopping soon!

As an idea of breaking the boredom, I decided to gloss only the tips. No hysteria but I guess it will remain a day or two ;-))

I'll let you know when I gave it up LOL


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