A Post As A Learning Experience

If you follow me a little, you probably know by now that I am still far from mastering the art of polish application, as well as the art of taking photos of it. I always have serious issues with my horrible looking cuticles, weird un-even application and terrible lighting conditions for my pictures.
And now I can tell you that this post was the hardest to make, when on top of everything mentioned, the polishes I used are Neon...

index and ring - Pink, middle and pinky - Fusion Neon
Taken in natural light, with not much light...
But - this is a very special post for me, for several reasons:
1. I LOVE Neon polish. And I received the entire Sinful Colors Neon collection, as well as some extras from an AMAZING blogger friend of mine - sweet Lisa @ Cosmetic Sanctuary. And why did I receive them you ask? Simply because Lisa is AWESOME. That's it.
By the way - if you're not following her yet - you definitely should!!!

2. I LOVE comparison posts. I wish I could do more, but I'm afraid I never have anything interesting enough to compare. Surprisingly, I got to do this post which is somewhat a comparison. And I would like to dedicate it to another very sweet blogger friend of mine - Ashley from Ashley is Polish Addicted. (Do make sure you're following her too!!!)

Ok, enough with the chit-chat. Let's go to the main event. I would like to show you a comparison between two Sinful Colors pink neons. Left one is called Pink, and  right one is Fusion Neon.

Sometimes I seriously think that polish companies have issues with creativity. The polish named Pink is actually a hot coral color. It has some very warm undertones to it and I am not sure how much the name "Pink" really suits it. The "Fusion Neon" however is a pure pink. No doubt about it. Cold and bright.

Index and ring - Pink, middle and pinky - Fusion Neon
Natural light
They both need 3 coats for complete opacity and they both dry very quickly into a soft satin finish. They are both very pigmented, well - true neons. But while Pink flows evenly and easy from first coat, the Fusion Neon requiters some help and very careful application or else it gets a little streaky.  And although I love the satin finish, I think a glossy top coat make them pop so much more!
Index and ring - Pink, middle and pinky - Fusion Neon
Natural light
Index and ring - Pink, middle and pinky - Fusion Neon
Taken with flash 
Well, I can't help it. I am totally in love with these neons. Not only the two pinkish ones, but the entire set! I can hardly wait to get the chance to try them all! I definitely think this is a MUST to every polish enthusiastic stash and i am more then happy that the neons are so popular this summer!

So what do you think? Do you have them already? Which is your favorite of the set?


Criminal Nails said...

I love Pink, far better than Fusion Neon, though both suit you really well, I must say ^^

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

haha that's so funny that "Pink" isn't very pink at all. Yes, I sometimes wonder why colors are named so inappropriately lol. Naming aside, I do love "Pink"! I'll have to keep an eye out next time I'm at the drug store. :-)

~ Yun

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