The Nail Junkie Neon Shimmer Jelly Collection: Grape Jelly

My order from The Nail junkie arrived and I am SOOO excited about it!!!
First, I got all these fun surprises in the package, that I will show you later this week in another post. And second - I got these REAL GORGEOUS collection of polishes! So as a start for this awesome collection, I would like to show you the Grape Jelly.
Shimmer Jelly Grape The Nail Junkie

Before you begin, you might want to give it a good shake to make sure all the holographic shimmer shows up in every brush stroke. Then you should remember that this is a jelly, which means that the first coat is very sheer. But the truth is, that this polish is not exactly a jelly. Perhaps a sorbet is more like it. First coat indeed does not impress but the second coat makes up for it nicely and with a 3rd coat you get full opacity and beautiful shimmery semi-shiny finish.   All the pictures that you see here are 3 coats of Grape Jelly with no top coat. Application is very easy, drying time is quick and comfortable and that holographic shimmer makes this polish super beautiful in the shade as well as in the sun.
Shimmer Jelly Grape The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Grape The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Grape The Nail Junkie
You can find the entire summer collection, as well as a few re-releases from the spring collection by The Nail Junkie here. Do check them out. Not only that you get these gorgeous summer jelly polishes, but you also get a gift with every order, free shipping within the US and $5 shipping international, Cruelty Free polishes  and most important and most relevant with all the recent drama in the nail polish world - a polish brand with a WONDERFUL customer support! I definitely recommend! 


Sandra said...

So pretty!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

ooooh! that is so pretty! i love the shimmers in there! :-)

~ Yun

Criminal Nails said...

Beautiful color! I hoped it had scent to it, when I saw the sticker on the bottle! That would be so very awesome, right? Well, looks real good on you!

BTW How did the process of your new work go? Any news? Did the "money color" bring you luck? I hope so!

Andrea said...

Oh wow! I keep seeing Aleta's pretty polishes and thinking I need to try them. I was super happy to see that she is selling them individually now! This is such a pretty color, and I love your description of "sorbet". :) Your nails are SO gorgeous, Jin. I wish mine would grow like that, but alas, they do not. I can't wait to see your swatches of the rest of her collection. I am really interested in seeing the Watermelon, Apple and Blueberry glitter!!

Gosia said...

I hate grape jelly!! but this color.. yum!!

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