Black Tie

Good morning beautiful people!!!
Today I want to show you another jewel from my sweet sweet spring box I received from Liz.
Indoors with flash
This is Black Tie by Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength collection! It may not look as amazing  in the pictures as it looks in person, but trust me - this is PURE BEAUTY!
It is a dark deep green. It's not black, it is just so dark that my camera cannot capture it properly. But the real excitement is the duo chrome! It changed from dark green to dark purple/pink with the lighting and angle of viewing!

Application has to be rather careful because it's a little bit thick and not always levels itself properly. But the brush is very comfortable (to me anyway) and being a little careful is all that it takes. All pictures show two coats of Black Tie. Pics without the flowers are also without any top coat, and where you can see the little flowers - there are two coats of top coat, one is under the flowers and one is above them. Those flowers by the way are not pink and yellow. They are holographic and they also came from the same yummy box I told you about!

Check those pink swirls in the bottle!!!
Indoors, daylight lamp
Indoors, daylight lamp
As close as I could get
Natural light, indirect sun
A desk lamp
Direct sun
just look at all the pink inside the green!
What do you think? Do you like the duo-chrome?


Criminal Nails said...

Yup, the duochrome effect is quite noticeable :) that is always GOOD! But it's just a tad too dark for my taste... at least for summer :p

LuvMyLacquer said...

OOOH, I like the duochrome in this! Maybe a little thinner will make application a bit easier? It's a really pretty color =)

JennaFroggy said...

This is gorgeous...I never knew it had a duochrome effect though...not I regret not buying it, lol.

Pointless Cafe said...

Looks FAB!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oooh very pretty! The flowers are a cute touch! :-)

~ Yun

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