The Nail Junkie Neon Shimmer Jelly Collection: Orange Jelly

Helloooooooo beautiful people! How is everyone?
Today I would like to show you one more or the amazing Summer Jellies of The Nail Junkie: This is the Orange Jelly.
Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie

It may not be the perfect color to compliment my skin, but I love this one so much! It's such a fun summer color! Bright orange with a holo shimmer to it made by micro holo glitter. just like the Grape Jelly, this polish is also more Sorbet then it is a jelly, but to build it's color I did use 4 coats this time. However, the formula is so perfect and easy to work with, and its drying time is so quick, that layering 4 coats was no big deal at all.

Usually I change my polish every other day. But i love these Jellies so much, that each one stayed 3 full days on my fingers! They are so bright and gorgeous, they have no chips and no wear signs, even though - as you can see, I didn't wrap my nails. The Nail Junkie is definitely an indie brand I keep close to my heart.

By the way, these polishes are not fruit scented, but they do have a very pleasant smell. It's a lot more delicate then the normal chemical smell of polish! I admit I sniff it a little every time I open the bottle LOL. Oh and... since I have quite a few scented polishes, I can tell you that it's not such a great thing. At first it's fun, but after a while it gets annoying, it makes me feel hungry all the time and it's usually too sweet to be bearable in the summer heat.
Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie

Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie
just look at this gorgeous shimmer!
Shimmer Jelly Orange The Nail Junkie
All pictures were taken indoors with an artificial lighting. The decals I used in the last picture are from Joby Nailart, if you're interested. I love their decals. They are so easy to apply and they are so pretty. Plus - they ship internationally! 
So? what do you think? Did you get any of these polishes? 


Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Orange!! It looks to be quite a fruity and yummy orange. And the decal you used is very cute! :-)

~ Yun

Gosia said...

oooh, I've been on an orange kick lately and I love this one too!!!

Criminal Nails said...

That is absolutely cute!!

Sandra said...

Nice shade! :)

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