Floam Fantasy

So everyone got all crazy over Nail Venturous Floam and it made me think... well... i'm not the kind to wait up all night just to get that bottle of polish. So I always missed it in the sales and I kind of... gave up on it. Then suddenly I got an email from a friend blogger. She said she had an extra bottle and asked if I would want it. Hell YES!!!

So this is the cute package I got from Andres. Just look at that sweetness! But right there in the middle, lies something I really never thought I'd see from this close.    
The cute cute package I received from Andrea!

This is pure summer fun in a bottle! Blue and yellow and green and lots of fun and sea and sand and a yellow polka dot bikini! Or at least, that's what it's reminding me of.
I decided to layer it over the same colors that's are in the polish, and see how it will look. I wondered if any of the colors will "get lost".
RtL: Zoya - Creamy, Nail Venturous - Floam, Chic - Fresh Grass, Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away
Taken with Flash
To my surprise, Not only that none of the colors were lost, but the background colors gave the fun glitter a whole new dimension! I felt like I was looking into those little colorful pools in the sea-world, where they keep all the shells and sea stars and anemones and millions of tiny colorful fish!  I certainly understand what was all the fuss about!
This is pure awesomeness!
Taken with flash
Taken with flash
Every layer is stuffed with glitter and you really don't need to work hard to get it on the entire nail. I used two coats of the color polish and then two coats of Floam and two coats of my Chic Fast Dry Top Coat, and I got amazingly beautiful aquariums right at the tip of my hands!!!
Just look at these layers!!!
The only down side of this polish is the fact that the gorgeous Nail Venturous Etsy stroe is currently on vacation. You can check for updates on her Facebook page, or if you get real lucky, you might catch this beauty at NinjaPolish, but even there it's not an easy one to get. Take it from someone who never runs after the bus though - This is pure gem in the polish world.

So again - THANK YOU SO MUCH Andrea of Finger Painting Fingers!!! I really love this baby SOOO much!!!


Gosia said...

no way!!!! Man, I hope you're building Andrea a statue!!! I sooooo want Floam!! It looks so good on you my friend!!!

Pointless Cafe said...

I kinda thought the same thing when I got it! Although I HAD to have it because I was one of those kids who remembers and played with floam!

Andrea said...

:) You are SO welcome! Super happy you love it! I LOVE the colors you chose for layering! I wouldn't have thought to use Creamy or Pacific Blue and I have both! I'm gonna have to try them! ;) I LOVE the Perfect Chic polish you sent me! I hate to say it, but I think I like it better than the Nfu Oh! :)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oooh very nice of your friend! Your mani is so fun, with all the different base colors! :-)

~ Yun

Criminal Nails said...

Wow!! You always find such treasures in your mail, Jin :D

Floam is amazing, and it suits you veeeery well!

PS: C'mon! Give studs a chance!! :p

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