HOT HOT RED Gradient

So I was wearing my hot hot red polish for a while and when I came home and thought about doing my nails, I couldn't take it off! It is sooooooooooo beautiful!! I am loving it so much!!
So I decided to keep it some more. But I can't show my face at work with the same polish for so long! I had to do something...
So I went back to my original idea for this polish - a gradient. I tipped my nails with Orly - Star Spangled but I did it un-evenly in 3 coats.
Not sure how much justice these pics are doing to this babe, but i'll let you see anyway:
Artificial light, no flash

Natural light in the shade

Flash used
Personally - I'm LOVING it! I really hope you do too...


Paulina said...

Love it!!!

Nail Polish Anon said...

I'm definitely loving it!!! One doesn't often see ultra shimmery almost metallic gradients either!!! very fiery!

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