January Nail Art Theme Week: Follow a tutorial, day 5 - Giraffe

I saved my favorite post for last. Today is the last post of this month's Nail Art Theme Week, and the theme is Follow A Tutorial. The tutorial I chose to follow for today, just like the one from yesterday, is one by Jacki of Adventures In Acetone. It's one that I was dying to try for such a long time, but totally dreaded it wouldn't turn out as nice as it should... But guess what? I tried it - and it actually worked! Maybe not as perfect as the original, but it is definitely a cute mani!
Giraffe nail art tutorial
Well? What do you think?
Ok, first here's the original tutorial:
Here's the list of the polishes I used for this nail art:
the base is Superficially Colorful Serene. Yeah, my own polish ;-)
The giraffe's body is Elevation Mount Ventoux and its spots are BarryM Satsuma. The white and black are Orly Crisp White and Julie G Black Sheep.
Also, for the Eucalyptus tree I used  Mentality Desperado and a mix of  Sinful Colors Athens and Barry M Key Lime
Giraffe nail art tutorial
I'm really happy at how these came out! I hope you're too :-)


Missy M (Gnarly Gnails) said...

its super adorable! i think you did a perfect job!

Raggio di Luna said...

Well, that Superficially Colorful Serene doesn't enthusiam me at all.... Just kidding, of course!!! :-)
I really don't know how, but I happen to have the same nail polish in my hands and I'm playing with it these days :-)
The manicure is done perfectly! :-)

Helena / Lacky Corner said...

So cute!

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