January Nail Art Theme Week: Follow a tutorial, day 4 - Yeti

For today's post I followed an older tutorial by Jacki of Adventures In Acetone. However, last night she posted this adorably cute Yeti manicure with a tutorial, and I knew I just HAD to try it right away! Of course, I feel the same pretty much about every design Jacki comes up with. But the winter and the tutorial week context were just too strong to miss.
Yeti - Abominable Snowman Nail Art Tutorial
First of course is Jacki's tutorial:
For my version I used the following polishes:
My base is Nails Inc. Bluebell - the 2012 InStyle Magazine inclusive.
I also used Cult Nails Tempest, Bourjoise Fashion Gris-Gris and Julie G Black Sheep. Mister Snowman was topped with some white flocking powder, while all the other nails where I painted some snow flakes on, were topped with Elevation Polish I Yeti.
Yeti - Abominable Snowman Nail Art Tutorial

Yeti - Abominable Snowman Nail Art Tutorial
So it didn't turn out as adorable as Jacki's, but I think it's pretty cute! What say you?


Gosia said...

I gotta say, every time I hear 'Yeti", I think of a creature from the Himalayas! Too bad I didn't see one haha =)) or maybe that's good? Supposedly you see things when you're really hypoxic, so maybe that's how Yeti was 'invented? in any case, I love this mani!!!

Ashley said...

I think he is adorable!! Fab job!

M. Fourey said...

Haha, this manicure made me laugh! It's so funny! Your Yeti is just what it ought to be IMO! And Bluebell is gorgeous, too bad it was a LE :'( Just the perfect base for this nail art!

Raggio di Luna said...

Bluebell is gorgeous and your Yeti is simply perfect! :-)

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