Pretty & Polished Boombox

I really need to clear my vault a little so today I have some summer memories for you.
This is Pretty & Polished Boombox, from her Summer In The City collection.
Pretty & Polished Boombox
Boy, did I have long nails then. Looking at them today is making me feel like a witch...
So Boombox. A nice medium-dark blue polish with blue shimmer and holographic particles. The formula was good and it is almost a one coater. I did have a few little lumps in there But I just took them off with a toothpick while polish was still wet. This polish dries to a semi-gloss finish. Here's a simply swatch for your consideration:
Pretty & Polished Boombox

Pretty & Polished Boombox
As I'm trying to lower the amount of pictures per post, here's just one more, where I added Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Celeb City.
Pretty & Polished Boombox
So what do you think? Are my nails witchy enough? ;-)


Gosia said...

well.. you are a witch, so the nails go well with that!!! hahaha =)) j/k, j/k =) I personally prefer shorter nails, not nubs, but not as long as yours here. I like the current length you're sporting!!! Of course it all comes down to functionality to me, and I could never grow them long since they'd break in a heartbeat!

jannatul12 said...

so pretty♥

FedoraHarp said...

I used to have nails that long too :D I have to keep them a bit short if I want to be able to play the harp, so 2014 will probably be a much shorter nail year. Still, I don't think they look witchy, I think they look cute!

Raggio di Luna said...

I love your nails! Many times I wish I could have your long nails, although I know that they wouldn't last long with my work...
Boombox is too beautiful, I adore this kind of blue! :-)

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