Cult Nails - Ay Poppy

This post was suppose to go up last night but I kind of... slept about it. (to say - I fell asleep and forgot to publish). Hopefully, late is better then never...
Anywho, remember a little while ago that I showed you some nail appliques made of 100% polish by Incoco? (here's the link) So I was doing some cleaning and I came across the remaining of those appliques. I had 3 or 4 left in my used package and I liked them too much to just throw away. So I cut them and played with them a little.
Incoco Nail Applique over Cult Nails Ay Poppy
I started with two coats of Cult Nails Ay Poppy, a glorious red-orange super glossy creme or actually crelly. Smooth formula, perfect pigmentation. Totally love!
Cult Nails Ay Poppy

Cult Nails Ay Poppy
And then I just randomly placed the cuts I made out of my leftover Incoco appliques and top coated it. I really liked the way the colors matched and the flowers in the appliques added some interesting accent. 
Incoco Nail Applique over Cult Nails Ay Poppy

Incoco Nail Applique over Cult Nails Ay Poppy
It's the kind of 2 minutes manicure that gets all the attention... Isn't it?


Roxy Ch said...

Pretty design! That red is gorgeous!

Raggio di Luna said...

You wrote "Totally love!" and I say that this orange is totally you, so full of energy! :-) And these Incoco appliques give a special touch to this manicure! :-)

Gosia said...

love the appliques!! i heard they're really nice, I might have to splurge =))

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