Where In The World - Madagascar

I'm getting really close the end of the Where In The World Challenge! Can you believe it? Anyway, today is very exotic and I'll take you to Madagascar. This little island, well - not too little. It is the 4th largest island in the world, but still - is very high on my bucket list. I will have to be there soon! It looks like such an interesting place with so many animals and plants that only live there... Amazing! Anyway, for my mani today I chose some cultural inspiration.
Mentality Desperado Madagascar

This is my inspiration: A malagasy woman of ethnicity Sakalava with traditional paint mask in Nosy Be island, North of Madagascar. 
Source: Photo From The World
For this mani I used Mentality Desperado, a warm brown matte polish with subtle shimmer. A brilliant formula and very rich pigmentation make this polish a must in my browns drawer. What you see is ONE coat with no top and no issues! 
Mentality Desperado

Mentality Desperado

Mentality Desperado
I then drew the flowers and leaves with Orly Crisp White striper and just to add this tiny little extra, I dotted the middle of the flowers with Dance Legend Lucy's Dream from the Sahara Collection.
Mentality Desperado Madagascar

Mentality Desperado Madagascar

Mentality Desperado Madagascar

Mentality Desperado Madagascar
I hope you like my Madagascar inspired mani. Stay tuned to the last two countries I have left for this Challenge


Gosia said...

Holy crap, woman, this is OUTSTANDING!!!!! And now you've created another lemming for me, I must have this Mentality polish!!! so envious of your freehand! =)))

cynthia decker said...

Your mani is magnificient & has just had me put Madasgascar on my wish list! Thank you for your hard work!

Mihaela Lacquerbuzz said...

Great inspiration! Congrats on being almost done. I can't wait to see what you come up with for Romania!

rockbeach meme said...

Really lovely!

Raggio di Luna said...

Beautiful manicure and beautiful inspiration! :-)

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