Bondi New York - Teal Magnolia

So today I would like to show you the third nail polish from my Bondi New York subscription box for the month of August. This is Teal Magnolia.
Bondi New York Teal Magnolia

Teal Magnolia is a medium teal green creme. I can tell you that I have quite a few green cremes in my stash, but I don't have anything quite like this shade. It is very unique in my opinion and totally gorgeous. And I say that as an ex-green-hater.
Bondi New York Teal Magnolia

Bondi New York Teal Magnolia
Formula-wise - exactly what I have learnt to expect of Bondi: perfection. Two easy coats for full opacity, smooth application, quick drying time and glossy finish. Wonderful as a base color and as some nail art color just as well. 
And since I mention nail-art... I tried something. Well, I have to say it looked so much better in my head... But this is what I came up with. I used Orly Instant Artist Striper in Jet Black and Layla Mirror Effect in Metal Chrome
Bondi New York Teal Magnolia

Bondi New York Teal Magnolia

Bondi New York Teal Magnolia
Well? Did you subscribe to Bondi New York box yet?


M. Fourey said...

Well I think your nail art looks great! Something like an electronic set up? I like that it's abstract :) And that color... gooorgeous!

Unknown said...

I love the color

Raggio di Luna said...

I adore Teal Magnolia! :-) And, also I am an ex-green-hater! :-) I like also your nail art, whatever you wanted to draw :-) To me it looks like some dress with patches! :-)

Missy M (Gnarly Gnails) said...

this is so fun!!!

ManisbyMoore said...

Such a lovely color!! I love it!

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