Fail on my way to The Mani Logues Guest Post

So yesterday I showed you my guest post at The Mani Logues, in honor of Casandra's new baby girl. But that was only my second attempt, because my first attempt at that mani ended as a fail. I didn't think of posting it at first, but then I figured we can both learn from it.
Elevation Polish Mount Augustus Ave Secretan
Looking at this pic now, I am thinking it didn't turn as bad as I felt it was when I first looked at it. But it doesn't matter now, does it? ;)
I started this mani with two coats of Elevation Polish Mount Augustus, a gorgeous peachy pink with wonderful magenta shimmer. If you're a pink fan, this is definitely a must in your collection. And if you're not much of a pink fan, like I am, it's a great peach color to your collection! LOL  Formula and drying time are perfect and the finish is delicious.
Elevation Polish Mount Augustus

Elevation Polish Mount Augustus

Elevation Polish Mount Augustus
I then sponged a little of Elevation Polish Ave Secretan to the tips of my nails and on it I sponged some more Mount Augustus to make the gradient very very subtle. But here began my fail. I used one of those silicone triangle makeup sponges, but apparently it was of a very bad quality and right from the first dub it left little particles of sponge on my nails. As careful as I was to not dub more then two or three times, nothing helped and the sponge left a lot of ugly dots on my nails. If you look closely at the pictures below, you will see the ugly dots, mostly on my thumb, index and middle finger nails. 
Elevation Polish Mount Augustus Ave Secretan

Elevation Polish Mount Augustus Ave Secretan
I then was completely un-motivated to invest much time in that mani, so I only stamped on it. But I chose a dark purple - this is Kleancolor Metallic Purple, that stamps really well but.... as I applied my regular top coat (Seche Vite) the purple started to bleed like there's no tomorrow. It's not smears. Its bleeding and in my opinion it looks much worse than smears. 
The plates I used are Cheeky Jumbo Plate 8 - Princess Charming, My Online Shop - MJ II and Bundle Monster - BM-H21 (The Holiday Collection).
Elevation Polish Mount Augustus Ave Secretan

Elevation Polish Mount Augustus Ave Secretan
So that was my fail mani and I was happy about my second attempt a lot more so that one was dedicated to Casandra, Violet and Isla. And this one will just be forgotten soon. I bought some new sponges of better quality to try soon and I learnt that the dark Kleancolor Metallics are bleeding when applying top coat before they are completely dry over light colors. And those mistakes will not be made again!
Hope you enjoyed!


M. Fourey said...

Haha, well no doubt the second one turned out way better! But this pink/peach base from Elevation Polish is gorgeous. Truly, EP is doing a great great job, huh?

Gottwinkies said...

O my, I am a total Elevation Polish fan and I love your nail art!

Raggio di Luna said...

Mount Augustus is a beautiful shade! It's a pitty that this stamping started "bleading" when you added your top coat...

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