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So hard to believe that I really made it this far, but I did! Today in the Where In The World challenge I am taking you to Brazil, the land of Football and Carnival. Ok, ok, you weird Americans, Soccer. Soccer and Carnival  ;-)   Sadly, I could not come up with any Carnival design for my nails, so I went with Soccer and Brasilia instead.
My inspiration is the Three Powers Square in Brasilia, the Capital of Brazil. Sadly, it looks like a hot mess and not as neat as I had envisioned it, and definitely not as neat as the Square itself. Here's my inspirational photo:
Source: Travel To Brazil
I started this mani with two coats of Bourjois Bleu Water, a medium blue creme. The formula is very thick in my opinion and maybe I should have thinned it a little, but the brush in these polishes is short and wide and really wonderful to work with, if you have wide nails like mine. This polish also dries to a nice glossy finish. These are two coats, no top.
Bourjois Bleu Water

Bourjois Bleu Water
I then taped my nails leaving some nice heavy line in the middle, and I stamped using Pure Ice Power Trip (from the Magnetic Effect collection) and Cheeky Jumbo Nail Art Plate A to create the building's texture. Then I sponged the tips of my nails with Mentality Scalawag, a holographic blue with beautiful spark, and I drew the rest of the scene using Orly Crisp White and Mentality Charm.
Bourjois Bleu Water Mentality Scalawag Mentality Charm
But I told you before that when I think of Brazil, I think of Soccer. So I had to have a soccer on my nails too! For that, I free-hand drew the soccer ball, which I am very proud of, using Orly Jet Black, I added a very thin line of grass with Mentality Charm and on top of all that, I sponged a gradient with Life 301, Ga-de Mellow Yellow and Sinful Shine Most Sinful (the first two are local brands) that represent the colors of the Brazilian flag. 
Bourjois Bleu Water Life 301 Ga-de Mellow Yellow Sinful Shine Most Sinful
So even though it all turned to be a rather messy manicure, all in all I like it and I think it's a nice tribute to the place that's at the highest place in my bucket list.
Brazil Bourjois Bleu Water Life 301 Ga-de Mellow Yellow Sinful Shine Most Sinful

Brazil Bourjois Bleu Water Life 301 Ga-de Mellow Yellow Sinful Shine Most Sinful
And now only one last country is left to complete the challenge! Stay tuned!


Love My Nails said...

This is cool. I did not realise this challenge was still on. I had stopped because i was pregnant and I just picked up blogging again.

Gosia said...

hey, you went with soccer too!!! well partially =) love the blue you used as your base!

Juliana said...

it looks really good :D and think about colorful glitter when you think of carnival, it's that easy lol but I think it looks great, I didn't even read the posts' name on Bloglovin to know it was about Brazil :D

Patricia Faria said...

I'm from Brazil and loved your nailart :)


Mihaela said...

I think it came out great! And the ball looks amazing. You have great skills!

Raggio di Luna said...

When you get sick of Bourjois Bleu Water, send it to me, it will find a new home here! :-) Perfect manicure! :-)

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