Bondi New York - Strawberry Fields

Have you heard of the new Bondi Box yet? Did you know that they offer international shipping! YAY! Well, just for that I had to subscribed! Like DUH?! But actually, I really do love their polishes. They are totally awesome! You really should try them if you haven't already!
So in my very first box I got 3 full size polishes and a full size top coat. Or actually, it is all in one coat, but that's something for another post. Today I will show you the first of the three  polishes - Strawberry Fields.
Bondi New York Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields is a sweet red cream with strong coral tones. It has a wonderful formula and is opaque in two easy coats. It dries quickly to a glossy finish and is vibrant without looking slutty.What you see in the swatches below are two coats of Strawberry Fields with no top.
Bondi New York Strawberry Fields

Bondi New York Strawberry Fields
And since you know already that I cannot leave a swatch alone, I added some fun dots in all of my Bondi New York polishes. From thumb to pinky you see: Teal Magnolia, (umm.... not a Bondi polish) - the orange is Barry M Mango, The Limelight, Uptown Girl and Starry night.
Bondi New York Strawberry Fields

Bondi New York Strawberry Fields

Bondi New York Strawberry Fields

Bondi New York Strawberry Fields
My first box contained Strawberry Fields, Teal Magnolia and Uptown Girl. So far I am very happy with my box and I am looking forward to seeing the next boxes. 
Will you consider subscribing to it too? I totally love the price compared to what I get, plus the FREE international shipping charges is a huge bonus these days! Check them out!


Criminal Nails said...

Gorgeous color! And it was about time those boxes offered international shipping! :D

rockbeach meme said...

Just stunning - love it with the dots!

Raggio di Luna said...

Strawberry Fields looks nice, but only on your nails, it is surely one of "your" colours! :-)

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