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I am beginning to think that I had another reason to neglect the rest of the Where In The World Challenge, other then just being lazy... Today's country is Singapore. What do I know of Singapore? Absolutely nothing! Well, I do know it is in Asia but that's really the only thing I know. But since I decided to complete the challenge, I turned to my virtual life support machine - Google, and came up with quite a few gorgeous landscape photographs of Singapore, and one of them is my inspiration for today's mani.
Nfu Oh MOR08 Singapore Nail Art
And this is the photo that inspired me:
source: Link
I started with two creamy coats of Nfu-Oh MOR08, a beautiful bright light blue from the collection Morning Of Greece. I really love this polish and I use it often in Nail Art because of it's creamy, smooth and pigmented formula.
Nfu Oh MOR08 Morning Of Greece Collection
I then sponged a little bit of light clouds on my nails using Orly Crisp White and a makeup sponge. Then I stamped the buildings with Vivid Lacquer plate number 004, first with Rescue Beauty Lounge 360 and then with the new Konad Silver special polish. The green line of trees in the photo was depicted with Zoya Holy line and the ball signs floating on the water are again Orly Crisp White
I admit I don't like this mani as much as I like my Finland entry, but I guess it will do. And one day, when I get to visit Singapore, I hope I can bring back some more authentic inspiration. 
Nfu Oh MOR08 Singapore Nail Art

Nfu Oh MOR08 Singapore Nail Art

Nfu Oh MOR08 Singapore Nail Art

Nfu Oh MOR08 Singapore Nail Art

Nfu Oh MOR08 Singapore Nail Art
So what do you think? Do I depict Singapore enough in my mani?
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Karen said...

I am so far behond in this challenge! You did such a beautiful job & inspiration.

ManisbyMoore said...

So cute!

Unknown said...

Amazing interpretation!

Raggio di Luna said...

Nfu-Oh MOR08 is beautiful and I like your Singapore manicure! :-)

M. Fourey said...

Well done, JiN! :D How many more to go?

Missy M (Gnarly Gnails) said...

this is so beautiful! skylines have been on my want to do list for so long, i love what you did here!

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