A Special Gust Post by Raggio di Luna Nails

Finally, the last day of the month! August has been extremely long and hard for me, and I am very happy that it is over already. It also brings the end of summer with it and some new, refreshing breeze. So to celebrate this last day, I have a very special post and a glorious manicure to show you.  This is a guest post, the first in my blog, made by one of my most favorite freehand nail art artist - Raggio di Luna Nails. Please welcome her with a big warm hug! She's AMAZING!

Hello to all beautiful readers of Superficially Colorful! :-)

My name is Tanja, I'm running the blog Raggio di Luna Nails.

I don't remember the exact moment when I started following Superficially Colorful, but I remember that it was like a lightning to me, I am so happy that I found Jin and her blog! :-)

I think I also got addicted to it, but it's a sweet addiction and I don't want to skip any of her beautiful manicures! She is a source of inspiration for me and her blog is a place in which I can find a great variety of techniques, colours and ideas... oh, how many beautiful ideas! :-)

I was so happy when Jin accepted the invitation to be my guest, I couldn't believe it's true! And, she brought me a beautiful "gift" - a gorgeous water marble manicure made with my favourite colours! So, finaly my blog saw a real water marble manicure, the very first one!

Thank you, Jin! It was really my honour having you as a guest! :-)

When she invited me to be her guest, thinking about the right manicure, my first choice was Peacock feathers manicure, somehow I thought that she could like the idea and the colours. I had other two "optional" manicures ready to show to her, if she didn't like the first one, but it seems that I was right and that the first manicure was the right choice... :-) So, here I am, a proud guest of Jin with my Peacock feathers manicure! I hope you will like it! :-)

As the base colour I used Kiko n° 390 Light Green and for the peacocks feathers I used various shades of green: Kiko Duo-chrome n° 396 Bright Peacock, a-england Saint George, Golden Rose Matte Velvet n° 105 Green and Flormar n° 453 Green.

I draw the golden part of the feathers with Golden Rose Nail Art n° 108 and sealed the manicure with one layer of NYC n° 138 Classy Glassy top coat.

Dear Jin, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your guest today, I really enjoyed it, from the first email when we started talking about "guest posts" until this beautiful moment! :-) It was a beautiful and exciting experience for me! :-)

I also hope that your readers enjoyed my Peacock feathers manicure and our "collaboration"! :-) I'm also really looking forward to have you as my guest again, you will always be very welcome! :-)


Raggio di Luna said...

I'm really, really honored to be your guest today! Big hug! :-)

Kas said...

This is beautiful :)

jannatul12 said...

so pretty.. feeling peacocky

Tasha said...

A masterpiece :)

Marias Nail Art said...

You are so talented Tanja, I love this peacock mani so much!

Unknown said...

Really lovely - I have loved peacock feathers since I was a little girl.

Cindi said...

I love peacock designs. This is beautiful. I love the colors you used.

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