Water Marble for Raggio-di-Luna

Hello beautifuls!
Today I am so honored and proud to let you know that I am a guest poster at Raggio di Luna Nails blog! I really love Tanja's art and I was really excited when she asked me to do a guest post a while back. So I knew I wanted to do a water marble, and I knew it had to be in shades of Blue-Green, and I am pretty happy with the mani I came up with!
So please go over to Raggio di Luna Nails blog and check it out. And while you're there - like her! Trust me - you won't be sorry!!!
Elevation Polish Water Marble Guest Post Raggio di Luna Nails
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M. Fourey said...

You're getting so much better at watermarbling girl! It looks just perfect to me :D And I love the blog's new outfit! :D

Dream It Up Nails By COLLEEN said...

This looks so cool!

Raggio di Luna said...

I really can't say anything less then: beautiful manicure! Dear Jin, thank you from the heart for making it for me and for being my guest today! :-)

Lacqueerisa said...

Oh my goshh! I love this one so much! The colours are amazing and so is your watermarbling technique! :) Well done!

Unknown said...

What a beautifull water marble!
And I didn't know ragio di luna's blog. I'm totally hooked!!

Cat Stone said...

This is so pretty, I really want to have a go at water marbling!

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