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Today I have another entry for Where In The World's challenge, and this time we're in Korea.
Orly Sunshine Fiery Red True Blue Freehand
One of the things the Koreas, both North and South are famous for, is their achievements at Table Tennis. It is a popular game there and if you goggle images for the keyword Korea, you will see quite a lot of photographs and illustrations of Table Tennis games and accessories. One of the images that I found is this one below,
And since I have been wanting to try this sort of pattern ever since I saw this amazing mani by Debbie (The Crumpet), I thought this was a perfect opportunity! I used Orly Sunshine, Orly Fiery Red and Orly True Blue, a lot of patience and some basic freehand skills, and Voile! My Korean Yin Table Tennis bats mani.
Orly Sunshine Fiery Red True Blue Freehand

Orly Sunshine Fiery Red True Blue Freehand

Orly Sunshine Fiery Red True Blue Freehand

Orly Sunshine Fiery Red True Blue Freehand
Well, I know I still have a lot to work on before I get to make it as superb as Debbie's, but I kinda like this mani. I like the basic colors and simple swirls. And I hope you like it too and see some Korean inspiration in it. And just before I send you off to see other Korean entries for the Challenge, here's a fun photo of some Korean Table Tennis.
Source: Zimbio.com



Nail Edition said...

This was done freehand? Well done, its very neat and tidy!


Dream It Up Nails By COLLEEN said...

Love this! :)

M. Fourey said...

hahahahahahahaha! That lady's face... OMG, so ridiculous! Nice take at Korea :D I would have done the taekwon-do flag :p

Raggio di Luna said...

What a funny face! :-) I like your manicure! :-) Yes, drawing with nail polishes is not so easy, especially something like swirls... Drawing with acrylic colours is much easier... You did a great job! :-)

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