Where In The World - Finland

It's been a while since I posted an entry for the Where In The World challenge. I admit - I was trying to forget about that challenge and I didn't really think I will get to finish it. But this last weekend I was googling something and saw this gorgeous picture from Finland, and decided I can go for it and actually complete the challenge. Let's see how far I can go this month then! 
And for now - here is my Finland Entry:
Where In The World - Finland

I apologize for the terrible clean-up. However, it's not the first and definitely not the last time I do such a sloppy work i'm afraid... Anyhoo - my mani is based on the magical Aurora. Finland being so up north is known for a clear and beautiful view of this northern glamour. I have never seen the Aurora for real, but one day I hope I will! And this is the photo that inspired me:
Source: Retkipaikka
I started this mani with a gradient of purple and green, using BarryM Key Lime and BarryM Plum. Next, I added some random strokes of polish using Bondi New-York The Limelight. On that I stamped some landscape using Julie G. Black Sheep and MJ XIX plate and I topped it all with Nails Inc Caviar Topcoat Glitter.
Where In The World - Finland

Where In The World - Finland

Where In The World - Finland

Where In The World - Finland
So I hope you like this mani and my inspiration! And make sure you check the other entries for Finland in this challenge below!


Natalie said...

This is just amazing!

Fashion Lights said...

omg. I love it :)


Unknown said...

!!! SO PRETTY. Get out of here with that!

M. Fourey said...

I love this, Jin! You recreated the picture SO well! Gorgeous! How many countries to go?

That Ninety's Kid said...

Wow! This is amazing, I love it. :)

Lindsay said...

Amazing! I love the abstract aurora!

Unknown said...

OMG LOVE!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

jannatul12 said...

Omy g! how did you do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO beautiful

Raggio di Luna said...

Beautiful inspiration and beautiful manicure! :-)

Missy M (Gnarly Gnails) said...

it reminds me of shooting stars, it is AWESOME!!!!

ManisbyMoore said...

So pretty!! I love the gradient!!

Unknown said...

Simply amazing!!! Speechless... :-***

Amelia said...

wow this is glorious x

Irena said...

Beautiful <3

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