March Giveaways!!!

Hi guys!

Today I really wanted to swatch one of my most favorite polishes. 
It's a local brand that started a new collection of metallic polishes.
Those polishes are really wonderful in my opinion. They have a nice formula, still a little bit translucent in the first coat but levels up in the second, and has a lovely foil texture that I simply adore!!

But sadly, I cannot get a decent picture of this polish :-(

My color is silver with a lovely pinkish undertone, but no matter how I shoot it, it looks like the most plainly silver polish.

I am counting on a great weather for tomorrow, and I will give it another several trials shooting outside. 
So until then, I will share some real awesome giveaway events by some real awesome fellow bloggers :-)
Of course, since I am not from the US, you can be sure that all these giveaways accept international participants! 

Oh, and a second before I link to those amazing offers, I would like to share another link to a cool linking-up blog. 
Check out       >> Fabulous but evil <<      and       >> Vickilicious's life <<      and their awesome Nail Files!!!

The Nail Files

! Important: Please click the giveaway image to enter it! :Important !

And now, please accept sweet Jessica from  >> Nail Polish Anonymous <<
Jessica is having her first giveaway for reaching her 20th follower, and she is giveing this really lovely polish by Deborah Lippmann
Nail Polish Anonymous Giveaway

Congratulations Jessica!!! May you get many many many more followers!!

Next is lovely Sarah from >> See Sarah Swatch <<. 
Sarah is in the spring mood of giving, and quite a giving she has!! Check it out!!!
See Sarah Swatch Giveaway

Another brilliant laquerist is Sarah at  >> Chalkboard Nails <<
In this giveaway you have a chance to win amazing indie polish from Sarah herself and three other wonderful girls:  LacquistryAll That Glitters and Pretty & Polished. 
Such a springie flowery fun!!
Chalkboard Nails giveaway

Another real awesome indie polishes you can win in Jody's blog  >> Captivating Claws  <<

Captivating Claws giveaway
A must enter IMO!!

A Blue Tastes the Best awesome giveaway at Jenna's   >> I'm Still Thinking... <<
Great polish and the sweetest scarf she made herself!!

A beautiful beautiful CND sparkles you can win at Missy's  >> Gnarly Gnails <<
Just look at these beauties: 
Gnarly Gnails giveaway

Also, check out cool Tee Dee from >> Cute-tickle Nails <<.
To celebrate her amazing blog's six months birthday (oh... how I wish my blog will be this cool after just six months...)  she is giving all this away:
Cute-tickle Nails giveaway

All summer lovers unite!! The next giveaway is especially for you!!
Carla of >> Deuce Beauties << is giving away China Glaze Island Escapte collection!!!
Deuce Beauties giveaway

And here's another real cool giveaway I found. Check out the  >> SPLAT<< !!
SPLAT giveaway

Check out this huge FIVE WINNERS giveaway at  >> Dragon Lady Nails << !!!
Dragon Lady Nails giveaway

Last but not least is  >> Glitter Obsession << with... Are you ready?? TWO giveaways!!
Now check this out: 
Glitter Obsession giveaway ONE


Glitter Obsession giveaway TWO

Thank you girls so much!!

If you are having an internationally open giveaway - do let me know and I will add it too!
I know I don't have that many readers yet, but hopefully, eventually... I will have! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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