This morning, as I arrived to work, a delivery guy was waiting for me with a small package.
Before I even punched the clock, I tore the brown paper to see my new Claire's magnetix!
I don't really know why but the delivery guy seemed very amused to see what was in the package... men...
I warn you in advanced - pics are bad, bad, bad!!! I took them at work (very weak fluorescent lighting) with my iphone (horribly dirty lens) but I knew I won't get to my better camera before the weekend...

Also, please try to ignore the terrible "draw outside the lines" smear. I was just too excited!!!
Claire's polish comes with the wavy magnet and actually - the magnet was the only reason I got those. I am not crazy about the colors, although if put properly I think they do have a potential LOL
But the wavy magnet is SO COOL!!! Yeah, I know its has to see in these pics, sorry :-(

Anyway, here are my thoughts after getting back to normal:
The teal-green is lovely. Very easy to apply, dried within a minute and leaves a very smooth, somewhat glossy layer without any top coat. You can see it even in this bad picture. 
The magnet works on it real nice and the final result looks very 3D. Amazing!!! I swear!!!

The purple however, is disappointing. It's rather thin, the magnet pattern is seen nicely but it lacks the 3D feel. It's not smooth when it dries. It really needs a top coat. It takes quite some time to dry.
The good thing about it - if you like the color - is the nice glitter it has, especially on the darker areas of the pattern.

Now all I need is to find another magnetic polish in a color that I like, and see how Claire's magnets will work on other brands.

By the way, I did punch the clock eventually... LOL


Bethany Taylor said...

I like the wavy one!

JinJit said...

Thanks, me too!! :-D

arfblat said...

That teal is beautiful! Love the wavy design!

Kat W said...

Magnetic polishes are so cool! I like the wavy one too.

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