A fresh start

So I decided to give this blogging thing a chance. 
I'm not good at keeping up and I guess my updates will not be frequent, but I definitely am going to try!
Thank you so much  Jessica, for giving me the courage! 
Nice to meet you! I'm Jin.
Well, to be honest, I'm Adi, but if you don't speak Hebrew, the chance of you pronouncing it properly is very lame. So I go by my nickname - Jinjit, which means in Hebrew - a red-head girl. which is - me :-)
Ok, I am not exactly red-head. I need to help nature a little bit with the color, but I do have a red-head skin, and more important - a red-head temper!  
I am from Israel and I work as an internet programmer, writing the financial actions website for one of the large banks in the country.

I have two amazing cats, Xanthippe and Arthemis (AKA Sanchipu and Tem-Tem)  



and among my other hobbies are belly dancing and reading - mostly fantasy. 

But of course, this blog is suppose to be mostly a sort of personal diary about my nails. 
Why, you ask? Well, thing is, all my life I used to bite my nail. So now they are totally ruined. They are as thick as a piece of paper. A light paper. and I can't make them grow at all.
Some 10 years go I tried those acrylic nails, but turned out I was allergic to the material and I gave up the idea.

Then, about a year ago, I found out that someone I knew is working as a "nail builder" and she works with some sort of gel. I gave it a try and guess what? I LOVED IT! and I am not allergic to it either! 
So this is how my addiction began!

Perhaps I should start my post again:
Hi, I am Jin and I'm addicted to nail-polish...
Now I really hope that you will all say "we love you!" cause I really need some positive reinforcements...

Ok, I babbled enough. Let's go to the visuals:
So this was my first mani:
It's not exactly what I wanted. I might re-visit it one of these days. What I really wanted is  -->>this<<--, but I guess it's close enough. And hey - it's my first!
And once again I have long, nice looking nails.
Those little things that make us happy...


Unknown said...

OOOOhhh I love it!! I want to try it out =D

Unknown said...

yeah it's nice, isn't it? LOL
I'd LOVE to see yours!

brooke. said...

oh my goodness! your kitties are sooooo cute :3.

Unknown said...

Thank you!! I will tell them you said so :-D

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