Textured Gradient

So I told you already - at first I thought this was a horrible trend. And then I tried it on... and fell in love! So it's clear that I'm going to have to play with the textures around some more! For today I have a textured gradient for you. It's very subtle but I think I like it. I just managed to ruin it with the wrong stamping LOL
Kiko texture gradient
This mani started with Kiko #634 - a light pink textured polish from the Sugar Mat collection (Thank you so much Mati ) The textured polishes are pretty opaque (well, at least the ones I have so far) and they usually need no more then one coat, but I figured I'd do two just to make sure it's all even. So here are two coats of Kiko #634.
Kiko texture Sugar Mat 634

Kiko texture Sugar Mat 634

Kiko texture Sugar Mat 634
I then sponged about half of my nail with a little bit of Kiko #633 - a darker pink textured polish from the same collection and sponged the tips with Kiko #632, the red polish of the same collection. But I felt the effect was too blunt and I didn't like it so I sponged the whole nail with my base pink - Kiko #634. That made everything a lot lot more subtle. And I prefer it this way. The sponging also made the texture look a lot more like sugar coated, which I also totally love. And no, it doesn't feel on the nail as thick as it may look in the pictures ;-)
Kiko texture Sugar Mat Gradient

Kiko texture Sugar Mat Gradient

Kiko texture Sugar Mat Gradient
Sadly, I had to go and ruin this lovely sugar mani with some stamping. Well, it's not the stamping itself that I feel like ruined my mani, but my choice of the stamp. I don't know why I thought Argyle would be the right pattern for this. It's not. Oh well... I used Zoya Suri for the stamping on all my nails but the ring, which was stamped with Zoya Juno. It wasn't intentional really. I just always start with my ring nail and I get to my pinky last. Don't know why... So I started with Zoya Juno but figured it was too light so I changed to Suri. But when this mani was all done, I didn't like it enough to redo my ring... 
Kiko texture Sugar Mat Gradient

Kiko texture Sugar Mat Gradient

What do you think? Do you have the Kiko Sugar Mats? What do you think of the texture trend? 


Natalie said...

Awesome mani! Love the gradient and the stamping, looks great!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Your textured gradient is sooo pretty! And I like the argyle stamping you added... it kind of reminds me of a fuzzy sweater! :-)

~ Yun

Ashley Haddock said...

Such an awesome mani!!

Cupcake Cat said...

Well I like it, stamping and all :D

Beauty-Shoes-Nails-Fun said...

ohh soo gorgeous!!!!!!

Criminal Nails said...

Haaa that gradient is smooth, hahahah! :p Maybe too textured for me! But I like how the light Kiko pink turned out... beautiful! And the stamped version too! :D

Raggio di Luna said...

I adore textured polishes, I have only Kiko textured polishes and they are all darker than this one (black, blue and burgundy) and they are all "pearly" :-) I like your gradient textured manicure, but I like also the stamped version! :-)

If you need names for your Kiko textured polishes, here they are:

Full mat colours, the cremes:
631 Peach
632 True Red
633 Magenta
634 Lilac
635 Wisteria
636 Mint
637 Turquoise
638 Taupe

Pearly mat colours, the shimmers:
639 Golden Mandarin
640 Poppy Red
641 Strawberry Pink
642 Hot Pink
643 Spring Green
644 Sea Blue
645 Burgundy
646 Starry Black


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