Dior - Licquorice

Today I want to show you one of my all-times biggest lemming: Dior Liquorice, and I finally got my hands on thanks to the one and only polish angel - Kim of The Ides Of Polish. Kim is by far the luckiest girl on earth. Her abilities in finding HTF polishes are beyond amazing! So she found and sent me Dior Liquorice and I could mark what used to be my number one lemming as "Present!". Thank you so much Kim!
Dior Liquorice

I am sorry for the rather sloppy application and the extremely dry hands. I think I was way too excited while I actually applied this polish. Just look at this perfection! A deep berry color with lot's of delicious shimmer inside. I am usually not the one that is impressed by the brand. I mean - Dior is just Dior. Nothing more then that. But this polish is pure perfection. Nothing less than that. Formula is a tiny bit thicker then other polishes but not in a bad way. Application is easy, this polish levels itself from the first coat on and is very heavily pigmented. I used two coats but more because it deepened the color then it was needed for opacity. And as you can see - the shimmers are far from shy. They come out and play as the polish touches the nail!
Dior Liquorice

Dior Liquorice

Dior Liquorice
Just for that added bling I decided to stamp a floral tip, with the liquid gold by China Glaze - Passion.
Sadly this polish is long discontinued and is very hard to find. But maybe, if you will look really well, and if you have any of Kim's talent, you'd be able to find it one day too. In the meantime feel free to drool here all over... ;-)
Dior Liquorice

Dior Liquorice

Dior Liquorice


Criminal Nails said...

Yay for ticking lemmings from the list! :D Congrats! This is one lovely polish! ^^

Kim said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! And you're more than welcome!!! ♥

ManisbyMoore said...

So pretty!!

Kelly Ruiz said...


Raggio di Luna said...

I can understand why Dior Liquorice was one of your biggest lemmings, now it seems like it's going to be on my "I want it, I need it desperately" list! :-) Beautiful stamping! :-)

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