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The month of May is Celiac Awareness month. I don't know how much you know of the Celiac disease but I can tell you that it's a lot more then just Gluten allergy. This disease is actually very close to me. It is quite common around me and I have quite a few, family and friends, who deal with this disease. The Celiac is an autoimmune digestive disease that is damaging the ability to absorb much needed nutrients from the food. What happens in Celiac is that every time the body consumes gluten, its causing the body to attack itself and damage the small intestines. People with Celiac are usually in undernourishment condition that is affecting the body in many different ways. It is too often mistakenly diagnosed as simple eating disorder and not treated right until the undernourishment condition becomes a life threaten.
Please do read some more and learn about Celiac. Make sure you are not suffering from it and if you suspect anyone you know is having Celiac, please make sure they go check it properly before it's too late! 
And to raise some more awareness to Celiac, I painted my nails yellow and green.  
Ninja Polish Tweety

I started this mani with Tweety, a bright and happy yellow with color shifting shimmer in it by Ninja Polish. Tweety is one of the Enigma collection polishes by the Ninja Polish, a collection of gorgeous color shifting polishes. Application of Tweety is easy and smooth, no strokes and no leveling issues like other yellow polishes. It is very self leveled and very easy to apply. I used three coats for full opacity and drying time was very quick.
Tweety Ninja Polish

Tweety Ninja Polish
I then sponged the tips of my nails with Illamasqua Optimist, an orange-ish yellow polish with rubber finish. I didn't want the tips to become orange. i just wanted a subtle gradient. On my ring nail I decided to go a little more lime, and I sponged my tip with Bondi New York - The Limelight.
Tweety Ninja Polish
Then I stamped some bamboo plants, using Sinful Color - Exotic Green and DRK-C plate.
Tweety Ninja Polish

Tweety Ninja Polish


Michelle K said...

So beautiful Jin!

Criminal Nails said...

Awww Jin, I must say this: it's the first time I like a yellow. That ninja polish is amazing with its shimmer! I am glad there's been a first time, I had been waiting for this ;)

Raggio di Luna said...

I love the gradient and I love your stamping! :-) Beautiful! :-)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

This is beautiful, Jin! I love the subtle gradient and the bamboo design! And thanks for bring my attention to this cause. :-)

~ Yun

Laurie said...

oooh I love it!!! I just love the bamboo print!!! Such lovely gradient too!

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