Jen's Nail Files Hit 2K Darling Diva Polish Inspired Nail Art Contest

Hello beautiful people!!! I am so sorry I have been absent this week. I really didn't mean to but you know... life always get in the way of the fun, Isn't it? But I try not to dwell in it too much. I am here now and that's what important, right?
So Jennifer of Jen's Nail Files reached a huge milestone of 2,000 likes of her facebook page, so she is celebrating with a nail art contest. The idea is to take inspiration for some nail art from one of Darling Diva Polishes! Think of one of her polishes' name and represent it in a nail art. So here's my entry, inspired by Dangerous Driver:
Freehand nail art inspired by Darling Diva Polish name: Dangerous Driver
The idea of this nail art contest was to take the name of the polish. Not the polish itself and not the polish color or finish or anything. Only the name. And use it as inspiration for a nail art. Dangerous Driver is a polish I have been thinking a lot about. I own Ringer by Darling Diva Polish. (You can see my swatches and comparison here)and Dangerous Driver is pretty close in its colors. But they are very different in their finish! I just haven't yet decided if I want to get Dangerous Driver too or not...  Maybe I will make my mind up one day, but in the meantime it is using as my car race inspired mani.
Freehand nail art inspired by Darling Diva Polish name: Dangerous Driver
So I started with two coats of Julie G White Orchid, my go to white creme. However, I wanted some rough feel to it, so I topped it with a franken that I made. It was actually suppose to be my attempt at making a white holo polish, but as you can see - it is a fail. It's not quite white and not quite holographic. It did suit me wonderfully here though! 
Then I used a large tape that I placed on my nails to cover the middle, and I stamped the checkers pattern using Bourjoise - Bleu Asphalte polish, a blue-ish dark grey creme. I added the red stripes with my striper brush and China Glaze - Xtreme Thrash and then freehand painted all the cars. And that crooked stop sign. Sorry, apparently I can't draw a hand...  The polishes I used for the cars are all from Chic - Metalix collection. In case you need the specific names, I used Citrine Gold, Red, Smashing Blue, Green Olive and  Pinkish. 
Freehand nail art inspired by Darling Diva Polish name: Dangerous Driver

Freehand nail art inspired by Darling Diva Polish name: Dangerous Driver
So this is my entry! If you hurry, you still have time to enter! The deadline is May 21st so make sure you read the details and enter too. You could win a bottle of nail polish made by Darling Diva Polishes especially for Jen!!! Check out all the details by clicking the image below.

 And have a lovely week!


Jen said...


Cindi said...

This is such a great mani! I love the little black and white checkers for the flags as borders and the race cars are cute too. Great freehanded designs. I don't know why but this made me think of the Boy Scout's Pinewood Derby.

Missy M (Gnarly Gnails) said...

ha this is radical! you rule!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

What a cute mani, Jin! I love your inspiration, and your cars and checkered flag patterns came out great. :-)

~ Yun

Raggio di Luna said...

Good work! :-) I love the whole manicure, but the cars are soooo cute...! :-)

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