Easter Pastel

I don't celebrate Easter, naturally, but I never skip a reason to celebrate. And since everyone is showing their pastel manis today, I decided to do something too. Mind you, I chopped my nails a little. About time... don't you think?
♥ Sorry Tatjana, I hope this is not a disappointment to you   ;-)
The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel

I started with two coats of my favorite pastels polishes The Spring Pastel collection by The Nail Junkie. Rose on my thumb, Daffodil on the index, Violet on my ring and Gardenia on my pinky. Since Aleta, the Nail Junkie, still hasn't created the orange, I had to improvise so I mixed some Daffodils and Roses together. But I am truly hoping there will be an orange to complete this incredible set soon! I drew the flowers using different creme polishes and a very small nail art brush. I'm really liking the result. I hope you do too.
The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel

The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel

The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel

The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel

The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel

The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel

The Nail Junkie Spring Pastel
You can find this gorgeous collection in The Nail Junkie's Etsy shop. You can follow The Nail Junkie's most updated information on her Facebook page and blog.

Happy Easter!


Ashesela K said...

This is so beautiful!! :D

Cristina Santos said...

I think you did good, this looks very pretty and the flowers are so lovely :) Have a great Sunday,


Paulina said...

Wow! I love it

Emily Rose said...

your nails look great this length :) this is such a cute mani!

Lena Payne said...

Very pretty and i would love to know the name and where you got that little nail art brush. Thanks!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

This is really beautiful, Jin! Love it! :D

~ Yun

Criminal Nails said...

I love the length of your nails now :) This pastel collection is just gorgeous :) And I love the flowers too :D Very very sweet!

Jin Jit said...

Thank you!
The brush I used is the red one from this set:
(and you can get another 10% off any purchase with this code: NML91 )

Raggio di Luna said...

:-) Oh, no, I'm not disappointed, your nails are still long enough to draw everything I want... :-) Gorgeous manicure! :-)

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