Come What May - Daily Lacquer

Phew.... all the green celebrations are over and I can get back to other colors! LOL 
Oh don't worry, I know I still owe you a couple more green marbles and a week summery, and it will happen later this week - I promise. But now something else. This is Come What May by Daily Lacquer.

Come What May Daily Lacquer
First - let me apologies for the sad look of my poor cuticles. I guess this is my punishment for a whole week of try and error water marble... But I am working on reviving them!
And now, If you have been around my little bloggie in the last month or so, you must remember my first encounter with the Daily Lacquer. I was not very impressed. I had some glitter-fishing issues and I expected it to be more opaque when it was in fact very sheer. The day I posted that swatch, I got a message from the sweetest girl named Maggy. She said she was very sorry to hear I was not happy and that I had issues with the polish. She offered to send me immediately a new bottle of that polish I had the issues with (I'll Fly Away), that had a newer formula and more glitter in it. The truth? I was impressed. So I decided to give Maggy's polish another chance. And I was not disappointed one bit.
Come What May Daily Lacquer
So this is Come What May, a polish I totally fell in love with. It's a grey base with blue undertone and tones of pink/fuchsia glitter and micro glitter in different sizes and some pink hearts. Basically this is the ultimate girly stuff, but I think that the grey base gives it a very mature and sophisticated look. 
Come What May is from the All You Need Is Love collection - the same collection I'll Fly Away was from. So I already expected it to not be very opaque. I layered it over a grey creme by Chic (a local brand) that I had. What you see here on all nails except the ring is one coat of Come What May (yes, ONE!) over two coats of Chic. Just look how intense the glitter it! And I got the hearts (on 3 nails!) without any fishing and without any other issues at all. On my ring you can see how 3 coats of Come What May by itself look like. 
All my nails are also topped with one coat of my new favorite - HK Girl fast dry top coat by Glisten And Glow
Come What May Daily Lacquer
Here are my middle and ring nails. My middle nail, on the left, has two coats of Chic and one coat of Come What May. The ring, on the right, has three coats of Come What May. Both have one coat of HK Girl Fast Dry Top. 
Come What May Daily Lacquer

Come What May Daily Lacquer

Come What May Daily Lacquer

Come What May Daily Lacquer
Well? What do you think? I think it's gorgeous and I can't wait to try the other Daily Polish bottles that I bought! and of course - I promise to show them to you!

Daily Lacquer can be found either in her own internet store and at Mei-Mei Signature. Both offer International shipping and amazing customer service! At Mei-Mei Signature you can also find polish from older collections that are now discontinued from the Daily Lacquer on-line store.
Be sure to follow Maggy's Facebook Page and Blog to get all the recent information and updates! 


Nails Love Polish said...

This is sooo pretty...I've not seen the whole collection, but I am guessing it is from the movie Moulin Rouge...I love that movie...and I love this song...Sigh. Nice photos...even with the "bad" cuticles. ;P Sandra

Laurie said...

Super lovely!!!

M. Fourey said...

This polish is lovely and romantic, and Maggie's attention was a blessing! I am glad your first impression was due to a problem with the formula. Maggie FTW!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oooh how pretty! And so glad you hear of the lovely service you got from Maggy! :-)

~ Yun

Gosia said...

I'm not too big on the heart glitter but I like the other one!!! And I love how its paired up with a grey base :)

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