SoFlaJo - Black Beauty

Today's post is heavier then the usual because I really love this mani and I couldn't decide which of the photos to take off... So be prepared ;-)
SoFlaJo Black Beauty
It all started with Kim's V-Day idea of mixing matte and holo. So I started this mani with one amazing matte polish - Black Beauty by SoFlaJo. Black Beauty is part of the new Matte Love Collection. It is a gorgeous holographic shimmer in matte black base. It is very special in it's look, a dream to apply and I cannot think of anything less then perfect to say about this polish. This one is a MUST to any collection!
It needs two easy coats for full opacity. This polish is completely self leveled and as you can see - there are absolutely no brush strokes or any other issue except pure beauty. Since I wanted to keep the matte finish, I didn't use any top coat but as you can see in the close-up picture below, you can see the holographic shimmer even without any top coat!
SoFlaJo - Black Beauty

SoFlaJo - Black Beauty

SoFlaJo - Black Beauty

SoFlaJo - Black Beauty
I then used Amy - Nail Venturous's idea for the dots and I stamped them with white polish and Konad plate number m79. I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of my stamped nails but I hope I do make up for it with all the other pictures... The stamping was only used as a template so I can see where to put the dots. So  then I used my loyal dotting tool and I covered the white dots with some holographic polish. The colors I used are Color Club Eternal Beauty (Purple), Color Club Over The Moon (Blue) and China Glaze L8R G8R (Green). 
SoFlaJo Black Beauty

SoFlaJo Black Beauty

SoFlaJo Black Beauty

SoFlaJo Black Beauty

SoFlaJo Black Beauty
Just an important piece of info - you can find Black Beauty in SoFlaJo's website as well as her Etsy shop. Also, make sure you follow her Facebook page and Twitter account to stay up-to-date with all her information!


Smashley Dawn said...

Very cool! I have been meaning to do a dotted gradient, gotta get on that! I love the colors you chose.

Connie West said...

OMG, I love this Jin! I need Black Beauty, I bet she'll sell alot of the polish because of this post. It is gorgeous with the dots.

Criminal Nails said...

I absolutely love this manicure, Jinny Jin! It looks fantastic! And all this holo goodness must have cheered you up quite a lot :D

Gosia said...

Would you stop creating lemmings!!! I LOVE this black!!!!!! And the holo dots look fabulous on it!

Natalie said...

Awesome nail art!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Oooh how awesome! I love the color shifts in the dots! :-)

~ Yun

Raggio di Luna said...

I like matte polishes, Black Beauty is a real beauty! :-) And I love the idea to use the holo polishes on it! Great effect! I think I'll try it very soon! :-)

Cupcake Cat said...

this is awesome !!!! I've probably started to spam your blog with all my comments but I feel the need to tell you how fun and beautiful your nail art is :)

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