A franken gift

Today's mani is very simple but I really love it and I hope you will to because today's mani is a special gift I received from a friend. 

A while ago I did a little swap with my dear friend Jess from LuvMyLacquer. Among the gorgeous things she sent me, there was this little bottle of blue and silver and white glitter. In the note Jess attached she said she made me this little franken! Of course I immediately had to give it a try and I liked it a lot but I just didn't find the perfect underwear for it. I wanted something neutral enough to let the blue and silvery-light blue glitter show up but I didn't want the common black because I think it also take some of this polish's beauty away.  After a little while I somehow managed to forget about it and so I didn't wear it for a while. Several weeks ago I was in my favorite store and I came home with Bourjois - Bleu Asphalte. Then, today, as I was looking for some interesting blue polish, I noticed my little bottle from Jess laying under a few other polishes so I took it out and... WHAM! I knew what would look perfect under it! 

Bourjois Bleu Asphalte

Bourjois Bleu Asphalte
Ok ignore my horrible nails above. This is a picture I only took to see how this polish looked like when I got home with it. See how short my nails are compared to today? Anyway, so this is Bleu Asphalte. Formula is good although a little bit on the thick side, two coats for full opacity and decent drying time. But the color... just look at this color. It is a dark Grey-Blue . It is dark enough to be neutral, but not dark enough to be mistaken for black. The Blue sheen is very noticable, but I wouldn't put this polish in my blue-drawer. 
Now look at this beauty. This franken is so pretty! It's made of blue, silvery-light-blue and white hexes, white bar glitter and gorgeous silver micro glitter all in clear base. The blue glitter brings out the blue sheen of the base and I think these two complete each other really well. Take a look at the close-up pic below! ;-)

Well??? Is it gorgeous or is it gorgeous???  Thank you SO SO MUCH Jess!!! I LOVE IT!


Kali Angeles said...

This is gorgeous, Jin!

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

This is a beautiful and fun combo! Love it! :-)

~ Yun

Nicola said...


Gosia said...

Wow, what an awesome Franken!!!!! You need to name it!!!
Oh and tell Jess to start blogging again!!!! :)

Raggio di Luna said...

I like the base colour, it's really something special :-) And I like the final combination, awesome! :-)

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