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Today I needed some peace and quiet. I had a crazy day at work and then a crazy evening and finally, finally I got home and had a little time to myself. So I went with some quiet waves and cool and peaceful island. Here's today's mani: Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan with Elevation Polish - Marmolada over it.
Elevation Polish - Marmolada over Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan

I started with two coats of Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan which I recently received from my wonderful friend Silver (The Silverinator). It's a dusty teal creme with very very shy silvery shimmer which is not really seen on the nail but it does add a certain glow of elegance to the polish. Formula is great and drying time is very short. My only complaint is that it's such a small bottle... I will have to find a back-up of it soon! 

Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan

Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan
I then topped this mani with Elevation Polish - Marmolada, a beautiful dusty blue jelly base (does anyone see a repeated pattern here?) filled with mostly circle glitter (dots) in silver and light blue in various sizes, light purple hexes and squares and lot's of silver micro glitter. Again - formula is great and I had absolutely no issues with application. I read in other reviews that it might even be opaque in 3 coats or so, but I thought these two polishes were so great together, that I saw no reason to try Marmolada by itself. 
Elevation Polish - Marmolada over Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan

Elevation Polish - Marmolada over Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan

Elevation Polish - Marmolada over Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan

Elevation Polish - Marmolada over Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan

Elevation Polish - Marmolada over Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan
Just look at this beauty. Doesn't it make you feel like on a lonely, quiet island? I keep staring at my nails and imagine I could really go away for a little while...

Anyway, you can find Marmolada in Elevation Polish store. Make sure you follow her blog to get all the new updates and restock times.


Unknown said...

couldn't we all do with a bit of peace and quiet surrounded by beautiful beaches and the sea?! This is the first swatch of Marmolada I've actually seen, pretty

M. Fourey said...

Meant to be. Those two were just meant to be. And why separate a winning team? You did a great choice; both are amazing, but I am starting to fall in love with those round glitters I see in your blog! :D

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Great combo! Teal is always such a soothing color. :-)

~ Yun

Raggio di Luna said...

Joe Fresh - Teal Cyan is beautiful! :-) I like also the final version, but I really don't know how to "work" with glitters, these little pieces never finish exactly there where I want them! :-)

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