Getting ready for the spring with SoFlaJo

Happy Monday everyone! Yeah, i know there's some inner conflict in the sentence. I guess I can only say it cause my Monday is over already... Well I hope you're having a great day still! 
Today I want to show you two new polishes from SoFlaJo. One is from her new Matte Love collection and the other is a special Newtown Animal Center charity polish. And while each one is gorgeous by itself, together they totally make me think of Spring!

Watch Over Me is a beautiful and delicate olive green filled with golden shimmer. It was created as a tribute to Catherine Hubbard, a sweet 6 year old who was killed in the shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. 100% of the profit from this polish will be donated to The Newtown Animal Center in her memory. 
Gowing Down? is a fun, bright shimmery yellow with a matte finish. 
Both polishes have great formula and they are opaque in two coats. No issues to report except pure gorgeousness. I really love each one on it's own. The green is just so elegant and special and the yellow is bright and bold and happy, and together they make me feel all ready for spring! 
SoFlaJo - Going Down?
SoFlaJo - Going Down?
SoFlaJo - Watch Over Me
SoFlaJo - Watch Over Me

Unlike this mani, where I used some tape and decorative scissors, the current mani is made using my dotting tools. After applying a stripe of color on the left side of each nail, I placed large dots in the opposite color and then smaller dots of the stripe's color. 

Both polishes, as well as other SoFlaJo polishes can be found on and in SoFlaJo's Etsy shop. Make sure you like SoFlaJo's Facebook page and follow her on Twitter to get all the updates on her polish and special sales.


Raggio di Luna said...

Great manicure! :-) What a fantastic combination of colours! I don't like yellow so much, I like green very much, but when you put them together they match incredibly good! :-)

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