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How is everyone today? I hope you're all having a wonderful time, even though it's a Monday :-D
I would like to share with you today a real sweet nail mail that I received from an AWESOME lady: Thank you  SO MUCH Aleta of The Nail Junkie!!!
I had two bottles of the WnW Fantasy Maker's Black Magic - the bar glitter, and Aleta had that one in her wish list so it was so obvious for me to offer her a swap!
While getting to know her I met an INCREDIBLE lady who is so great to talk to!  She is so creative and fun and interesting, and I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to virtually meet her!!!

So I sent her one of my WnW Fantasy makers, and a couple other surprises that I can't tell you about because then it won't be a surprise ;-)
And I received from her two AMAZING polishes that I want to share with you now!
She also sent me those little pads that I'm really liking. I'm using them to remove glitter. It is so much more comfortable to me then cotton balls because you don't have those parts of the cotton sticking into the glitter.

So first I will show you WnW - Sage in the city, which is practically the most beautiful green I have in my collection!
It's a bright grass green with yellow undertones that make it look a little olive at times. It's applied like butter and two coats are enough to make it look as pretty as it does in the picture. The minute I received it I had to apply it and I received so many compliments about it!! It works great with my red-head skin colors and I just LOVE it!

Then I had to try the second polish I received from Aleta, which is Zoya Magen - a beautiful grey with some far away pink undertones. The closest polish in my collection to this beauty is maybe Mist, but it's actually not even close! I love grey polish because it subtle without blend too much in the crowd, it looks good with every color I wear and it will accept anything you would want to layer on it!
Megan is such a beautiful cream and I know I am going to use it A LOT!!! just look how pretty she is:

And I decided to spice her up a little, and with what if not the WnW Fantasy maker's Black magic??? Well, I'm not very good at applying glitter (or nail polish in general) i'm afraid, and I didn't make sure I was applying it even and not on my cuticle, but I think that still it's just so much fun! The Black Magic is STUFFED with those tiny bar glitter in all the colors! I love it!!!
So once again - THANK YOU SO MUCH Aleta!!!

Well? what do you think? do you like it?? What's your favorite grey? 


Paulina said...

I really like this Zoya color. Looks really good on you. It also looks really cool with the Fantasy maker's.

M. Fourey said...

Both colors are great, but THAT green OMG it rocks really hard ;) Keep up those swaps, it's really amazing!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your kind words! I'm so glad you liked the polishes. I have Sage in the City so that was a double for me. And it is one of my favorite greens.

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

Nice swap! The green is a really amazing and bright shade! And Megan looks fantastic on you! :D

~ Yun

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