Light my fire!

Ever since I entered the blogging world and found so many amazingly creative nail polish lovers all over, I learnt and had the chance to try so many new things! It's just so much more fun then I ever though it could be!
So today I have my first sponging gradient manicure to show you: my FIRE nails!

The important things I have learnt while doing this mani is:
  1. Do the first bounce of the sponge - on a paper.
  2. when bouncing the sponge on the nail, never do more then 2-3 touches with every layer of color. If you do more, the sponge leaves some crumbs that stick to the nail polish. If your colors are too light or too sheer - do several coats. But use more polish on the sponge and don't try to use the color you already applied to it over and over.
  3. If you do need more then one coat, make sure you clean your cuticles after each coat.
    It is very hard to clean it without ruining your mani when the several thin layers dried on your finger...
But over all it was easy and fun! I know I will use the sponging technique a lot!!

Here are the colors I used:
Chic - Material Girl was my base. Its an opaque white with some tiny white and silver glitter.
Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow, Sally Hansen - Sun Kissed and Julep - Natasha created my fire.
And you can see the sponge I used with the three lines of polish on it.

Indoor with flash

Outdoor, lot's of sun
I had to do 3 coats of the gradient, with about 2 minutes wait between them. I don't think it's really needed because the gradient being so thin on layer of color on your nail dries real quick, but since I was doing something else while doing my mani (I always do that. I can't just sit and do my nails and nothing else...) it took me about 1-2 minutes between each new layer.

I know it's not perfect but I like the result. What do you think? Any other tips and tricks you can offer?


Paulina said...

Very Hot! ;)
I like the results. You did a very good job.

Criminal Nails said...

You did a really good job :D It looks really amazing! I'm sure you've been complimented on this!

Daisy said...

these nails are awesome!

Bethany Taylor said...

Fantastic job on these! So hot and fiery! I love it!!

Gnarly Gnails said...

nice job girl! these look great!

Andrea said...

Oooo! Jin, it looks fantabulous! It kinda reminds me of those little candy corns you get at Halloween! Do you get those in Israel? :) Okay, maybe a perfect tropical sunset! I haven't tried a gradient mani yet. I think you have inspired me!

Jenna Froggy said...

These are very pretty! I love gradients :O)

Yun, The Polish Hideout said...

You did sooo good on your fire nails! They look amazing! :D

~ Yun

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